New Product Proposal Template Free

What is a new product proposal?

This is an important document as it gives an idea to the investor about its feasibility and the practicality. Through this proposal is only possible that the donor or investor decides that he should financially back this project up or not. This means that the thoughtfully put proposal by anyone can win the confidence of investors. The proposal is most certainly written by the project managers in order to get the approval for a probabilistic project from stakeholders.

The new project proposal is the first thing the investor or sponsor experiences related to the idea of the project so it should be well planned and put in the standard form. In other words, this proposal is the make or break of possible finances. This document refers to the crisis the team wants to solve, detailed objectives, the plans for growth and delivery of the proposed project. This proposal plays an important part in helping the sponsors to decide that is their investment, hope, time and effort worth investing in this proposed project or not?. Once the project proposal gets the approval, project manager uses this proposal as a plan and works accordingly.


It is important to pitch a new product in the market because it will help you to get maximum customers. There are various ways to give an edge to your new product among already existed products in the market. It is important to study the market completely with the help of pie charts and statistics to follow them to know about market trends. Prepare a proposal before offering your product in the market for a field trial. It is important to present the samples of the product in the market to make sure that your words are credible. Write an elevated speech with clear description to convey clear and succinct information to your target person. Write a proposal to include detailed findings with the help of text and graphics. The visual aids will help the audience to review your information before taking any decision.

How can the new product proposal template help?

If you want to introduce your new product in the market, then it is important to consider the requirements of a buyer to favor all parties. Convince readers that your products can satisfy your needs, and the proposal should be designed after creating a market study, and for this purpose, you can try sampling or field trial. The launch of a new product with an impressive proposal will help you a lot to get a positive response. Your proposal should be divided into following parts:

  • Set up a new product
  • Propose a business plan
  • Build a marketing strategy for the product
  • Launch the market research for the development of the product

It is important to consider market segment before developing any product because it will help you to revitalize the product by emerging a new market to improve its sales.

In order to get maximum attention of the stakeholders, it is necessary to follow the formal standard form for the drafting of new project proposals. The standard form starts with the prominent heading with the name of the project. After that, the name of the addressee and the date is mentioned. The main body starts with the introduction of the proposed project in which its details are described like what it is and exactly what significance this project holds. After that, the problems related to this project should be discussed in detail. This is followed by the objectives and action plan which is explained reasonably in such a way that the sponsor or stakeholders understand it well.

Add the information under the headings management plan and conclusion, to give a complete overview of the project proposed. Make sure that the conclusion is precise and easily understandable. One may use graphs or tabular form to show any of the information in detail, this will leave a good impression and the reader will understand the information in a better way. End it with name and date.

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