Proposal Cover Letter Template

The proposal cover letter is considered as a significant part of the proposal, because it has ability to connect your project with the benevolent mission of the reader. It is attached at the top of the proposal, but it could not bet taken as an executive summary. A winning proposal should contain following important key points:

  • Request total amount and give an introduction of your project in the first sentence
  • Explain the relation of project with the success and foundation mission of the organization
  • Give reference of most recent contact with the organization
  • Write the contents of the proposal
  • Provide contact details for a detailed discussion with the person who funds
  • Get it signed by the executive director of the organization

How the proposal cover letter can help you?

It is significant to draft the proposal cover letter, because you can introduce your views and offers to the readers. Include all important details on the top of the proposal, and it will be just like an executive summary, but not make it an executive summary section. The basic purpose of the proposal is to write all important points for the interest of the reader. It will be taken as a good business netiquettes. The document should be enclosed with the lengthy proposal, and there are two types of cover letters that are important to the proposal. It should include the subject statement and the addresses of the sender as well as the recipient. The proposal should be drafted by following a professional format.

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Proposal Cover Letter Template

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