Science Research Proposal Template

A proposal is an important tool to demonstrate your expertise and hidden things required to complete the experiment. Basically, the research proposal is designed to provide a detailed work plan for the project. The science research proposal should provide the description of the research with detailed information required during the experiment. You can download free science research proposal template to write a professional looking proposal without wasting time.

The science research proposal should be designed according to a specific format, and following outlines are important to enjoy a win-win situation:


1. Title of the proposal

Suggest a suitable title for you proposal

2. Motivation for the research

  • Provide context for your research questions and important areas to study
  • Provide references to review scientific literature and policy documents

3. Overall research questions

  • What do you aim to find out?
  • Specific questions or hypotheses you want to test to answer all questions
  • State of scientific knowledge in the area

4. Your research approach, such as field experiments, economic surveys, meta-analysis

  • Answer of overall research question
  • Type of data you have researched for the study
  • Equipment and required technical resources
  • Duration of the research
  • Analysis and interpretation of data

5. Anticipated results based on your knowledge and previously conducted research

  • Predicted results of experiments and surveys

6. Significance of proposed research

  • Reasons for your excitement for the proposed research
  • Relation of proposed research in this area

7. Literature cited


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