Academic Book Proposal Letter Sample

An academic book proposal letter is a letter that is written by a publisher, composer, or the author of a book that is to be used in academics. This can be addressed to an academic institution or the government authority. In this letter, the addresser attempts to convince the addressee about accepting the proposal and sign the deal.

Basically, this proposal letter explains the publisher’s offer regarding the book. It focuses on the overview of the book, the target audience, for which the book is designed, and the distinctiveness of the book, which includes the elements which distinguish it from the other books available on the market.

It is a tool for the addresser to market its book, show competitiveness, and persuade the addressee for accepting and selecting the book for the targeted purpose.

This letter should be written in a formal and convincing tone. It should reflect the professionalism of the publisher so that it embarks a good impression of the book as well on the addressee.

The content of this letter can vary as per the circumstances and requirements. The details included are also dependent on the type of addressee. For instance,

  • If the addressee is an academic institution, the letter would focus on why it should adopt the book and include it in its curriculum.
  • If the addressee is a government authority, the letter would try to convince about the adherence to the government instructions for writing and designing the book and seek approval for the book’s publishing and distribution.

Necessary detail to add:

However, generally, the following details are included in such proposal letters:

  • Date.
  • Details of the addressee.
  • Details of the addresser.
  • The proposal of the academic book, with all the relevant details of its content, price of the book, target audience, and how it is different from other available books.
  • Benefits of the deal for the addressee.
  • Convincing statements.
  • Any special offers.
  • Any attached documents.
  • Seek proposal acceptance and show hopefulness.

When this letter is sent to the relevant addressee, the pros and cons of the offer are weighed by him to decide whether to accept or reject the offer. If the scale is heavier on the advantages side, the addressee would accept the offer, and vice versa.

Sample Letter

Dear Ms. Mary,

I am writing this letter to propose my book for your ABC school, that I have written for children of early years.

I own XYZ publishing house and I am an author myself. I have written 6 books and have published more than 300 books since I started this business, i.e., in the year 2000. This new book is specifically written and designed for the students in their early years and hence attractive colors, activity-based learning, and interesting concepts have been kept in mind.

No other work in the market is currently available that focuses on worksheets to enhance the learning process. This book has a compilation of many such worksheets.

As ABC school is a Montessori school and focuses on the maximum learning of its students, we want to propose this new academic book for your school. We are attaching a detailed proposal with this letter which will give you a comprehensive view of this book.

The price of the book is $X per copy. However, if this deal gets signed we will give you the first 50 copies free and a 10% discount to your school for the next two years irrespective of the number of copies bought.

We hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

Academic book proposal letter
Academic book proposal letter