Acknowledgment Letter for Proposal Submission

Proposals are written in various situations for a variety of purposes. People usually write proposals when they want to show their interest in a particular project initiated by someone. In simple words, a proposal can be used to make an offer. When someone initiates a project and requests everyone to write their proposal, they are required to read the entire proposal sent by everyone to decide whether the offer that has been made in it is suitable for him or not. Additionally, the person receiving proposals is required to take one more step that is writing the acknowledgment letter

What is an acknowledgment letter for proposal submission?

An acknowledgment letter is written to value and accept someone’s act. When someone sends you the proposal, you write them back an acknowledgment letter to let them know that their proposal has been received. This letter should follow a traditional format

Why is it important to write an acknowledgment letter?

When people write a proposal, they are not sure if the recipient has received them or not. Due to this, they often send many emails and make phone calls just because they want to know if their proposal has reached the recipient or not. Sometimes, the proposal sender sends the proposal again because they want to ensure that their proposal reaches the right person.


If you want to save the proposal sender from this hassle, you should write an acknowledgment letter to the sender letting him know that his proposal has been received and he should not wait.

By writing the acknowledgment letter, a person shows professional behavior. It also shows the person writing the acknowledgment letter values the time and efforts of the person who has shown interest by writing the proposal.

Writing tips:

In case you don’t know how to write the acknowledgment letter in a proper way, you can read the tips given below:

Know the purpose of the letter:

If you know why you are writing this letter, you will be able to draft this letter in a concise way. It is a letter that you usually write to your customers and clients and hence, it needs to be written in a precise way

Thank the sender:

When someone has shown interest in the project you are initiating, it is a kind act of them and you should appreciate them. Therefore, you should say thank you to the sender of the proposal.

Let the sender know the status:

The person or the party who has sent the proposal might want to know how long it will take for you to decide and announce the proposal you have chosen to work with. In that situation, the sender of the proposal will write to you again. To save his time, you should tell him the status of the process in advance. If you are sure to announce on an exact date, let the recipient know about it

Acknowledgment letters are not so common because they are written in some particular situations. Therefore, when you have to write the acknowledgment letter, you will probably need some help. To help you in this matter, we have provided a sample acknowledgment letter sample below. This letter has been written to acknowledge a person who has made an offer of 3000$.

Sample letter:

Name of the sender:

Sender’s position in the company:


Name of the recipient:

Address and contact details of the recipient

Subject: acknowledgment for payment of an overdue invoice

Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter is being written to inform you that I have received your proposal. I am very thankful to you for sending us the proposal of 3000$. It is a very generous offer and I really appreciate you for this. I have received many other proposals as of yet and I am working on all of them too. Thank you once again for sending the proposal. The deadline is after 2 weeks. You will be contacted as soon as the deadline is over.

If you have any query in your mind, you can write me back or contact me via phone call.

Thank you,

Name of the sender
Signatures of the sender


Acknowledgment Letter for Proposal Submission