Animation Video Proposal Letter

An animation video proposal letter is a letter, that is prepared by an organization, which is offering the services of creating animation video/s. It is addressed to the client organization, and attempts are made to convince the client to accept the proposal and sign the deal.

The details of the proposal are summarized in this letter, which is, usually, sent along with a comprehensive proposal. In addition, as it is a proposal for a video, often, organizations send a small video, along with the letter, to provide a clear idea of what it is proposing to the client.

It is important to draft the animation video proposal letter carefully, as it is trying to convince the client about a video, the final version of which will only be available once it’s completed. A small video that highlights the main idea may not suffice, which is why the content of the letter should be convincing enough for the client to accept the proposal.


The organization needs to persuade the client that the animated video will communicate his desired message in the way he wants it to be delivered.

In addition, the requirements of the client as well as the policies of the organization need to be kept in mind while drafting an animation video proposal letter. Nevertheless, the general details included in such letters are:

  • Details of the client.
  • Details of the organization.
  • Description of the animation video proposal, including cost, required time, etc.
  • Benefits to the client.
  • Convincing statements.
  • Any attached documents.
  • Any attached videos.
  • Seek approval.

After going through this letter, the client may get convinced about the organization’s expertise, and sign the contract with it to get its desired animated video. However, if he is not satisfied with the small video presented to it, or he does not like the idea of how the message is being communicated through the video, he would reject the deal offered by the organization, or he may accept the proposal, and ask for amendments before finalizing the deal.

Sample Animation Video Proposal Letter

Regarding our meeting held on 1st July 2040, I am writing this letter to propose to you an animation video for your new ABC project.

XYZ Limited has been in the video animation industry for many years. We believe in hiring the experts, and then training them further to utilize their full potential and creativity. Your ABC project is an innovative project, with a complex idea, that can be better explained to the audience through a creative and interesting animation video.

We have made a small video that highlights the main idea, which will be converted into a full video after your approval of this proposal. The total cost associated with this animation video is $[X]. As we believe in excellence, our team needs a month’s time to provide you with a perfect video. The detailed proposal is attached to this letter.

We assure you that our video would not only communicate the project’s idea to your audience, but your sales would immediately increase as well. In addition, our video will be able to be used for any type of marketing channel that you may opt for.

With this letter, we are sending a soft copy of the small video we have prepared for you to review. If you need any changes, please feel free to contact us at [Contact].

We are seeking your approval to start working on the complete video. Looking forward to your positive reply.

Thank you for your consideration.


Animation Video Proposal Letter