Auto Body Repair Business Proposal Letter

Dear [NAME], this letter serves as a proposal letter and has been written on behalf of company service management (CSM). Firstly, I am thankful to you for putting your request to us for the conceptual introduction of our business as a proposal letter.

This letter aims to introduce our services, area of services, business plan, objectives, working capacities, team management, and workforce management.

[FULL OFFICIAL NAME OF THE BUSINESS] has been established since 20XX. Firstly, the business was started as a small automobile workshop which later expanded its potential and capacities to make it [NAME THE BUSINESS].

The business has become a registered company that provides quality and customer-oriented service. We provide auto body repairs in each time frame with limited expenditure. The company has been working on auto body repairs for the past [X] years after its advancement in the auto repair shops as a registered company.

Our objective is to provide quality service to our customers that are free from any unexpected liabilities. We aim to provide the best service with proper team management. We seek the problem to be solved and the damage to be repaired that could further be analyzed with an estimated cost.

The comfort of our customers has always been a top priority for our company. We provide home services to meet urgent damage of the auto body.

Moreover, we provide home pick-up and delivery services free of any cost. We send our team to the location, pick up the auto to be repaired, get it to our service area, repair the damage, send the invoice to our customer, and then deliver the vehicle to the place.

We have a workforce consisting of fifteen members. Three of them are working to look after the company, five of them have been designated for the executive positions, and seven of them work for the repair single-handedly. They have profound experience in auto repairs and related matters.

For further details, you can visit our website [WEBSITE] or use our mobile application to track the progress of your work. For contact, dial [PHONE] or use our email address [EMAIL].


Auto body repair business proposal letter

Dear Mr./Ms. [NAME],

[COMPANY NAME] is an auto body repair company that provides repairing and maintenance services to its customers at reasonable prices. We provide painting, denting, polishing, repolishing, redesigning, modification, headlight modification, taillight modification, automobile oil change, adjoining, and many other services related to the auto body.

We provide quality service at a reasonable price and value customer validation. Our main objective is to satisfy our customers which we have been doing since 20XX. [COMPANY NAME] has been established since 20XX and it became a registered business on [DATE] after its [X] anniversary.

We have a quality control section in which executives are designated to assure the quality of the repairs and work done. We provide home delivery services free of cost which is new in [NAME THE CITY/AREA]. We work in collaboration with [AUTO COMPANY] for modification, redesigning, and alterations in the auto bodies to customers’ demands.

For more, visit our website [WEBSITE] or write to us at [EMAIL] for any queries or get your auto body repaired. Thank you for considering and reviewing this letter.


Auto body repair business proposal letter