Auto Repair Shop Proposal Letter

An auto repair shop proposal letter is a letter that is written by an organization that owns a shop or an individual who is the owner of a shop that provides the services of repairing the vehicles. This letter is addressed to the potential client organization which is either seeking or may be interested in auto repair services.

The letter can also be written to an individual as well who deals in vehicles and require repair services. In this letter, the addresser pitches his offers in a way that the client would get convinced for signing the contract, and the shop would get work in return.

Often, the auto repair shops seek contracts from big showrooms or organizations which deal with buying and selling of cars. This arrangement can prove to be mutually beneficial as the showrooms need repairing services on a continuous basis, and the repair shop would get the money by providing such services.

When the repair shop wants to approach a client this sort of proposal letter is written. The client may have sought a proposal by publishing a tender notice, or he may get interested in availing of the services after a lucrative proposal. The proposal letter is, usually, the first formal correspondence between the two parties.

The proposal letter is often attached with a detailed proposal so that the shop making a proposal has a proper chance of explaining its offers to the client. In addition, this proposal letter and a proposal can prove to be the marketing tools, through which, the shop can advertise itself, and convince the client about its potential and expertise.

The content of such proposal letters may vary as per the requirements of the parties, offers given, client’s need, etc. However, the following details are included in a general template:

  • Date.
  • Details of the client.
  • Details of the addresser.
  • The proposal of the auto repair services.
  • Benefits of signing the deal.
  • Convincing arguments.
  • Any special offers.
  • Seek acceptance of the deal.
  • Show hopefulness

This letter should be written in a professional, formal, polite, and convincing tone. If it includes anything that is offensive to the client, or the letter is not courteous, the client may not want to do business with the shop.

Sample letter

Dear Mr. Mathew,

I am writing this letter to propose a contract offer to your company ABC Limited for repairing your vehicles through expert and well-trained mechanics.

Our shop, XYZ, is in the vicinity of your car showroom [X]. We have been running this shop for over 15 years and have a regular and loyal clientage. We offer quality services at a reasonable cost, as we believe in economies of scale.

Our staff receives continuous training to ensure the maintenance of our standards. However, now, we are planning to expand, and we are looking for contracts to benefit from our philosophy of economies of scale even more.

As your showroom deals in buying and selling of cars, you might have to hire mechanics for the repairing services on a regular basis. We want to offer you such services at a 10% lower rate than the market rate, and our experts will be at your service seven days a week.

In addition, as we are located near you, the fuel charges, and the hassle of transporting a car to the workshop, will be limited. We will work from our shop but will give you free to and fro service.

We hope you will consider our offer and give us a positive response.

Auto repair shop proposal letter