Auto Spare Parts Selling Proposal Letter

Auto spare parts selling proposal letter is a letter, that is written by an organization, which specializes in selling automotive spare parts. It is addressed to a client organization, that is either looking for a seller or would be interested in considering an offer from one. This letter is, usually, sent with a comprehensive proposal, which explains the company’s offers in detail.

There are many benefits of attaching a letter with the proposal and sending it to the client, which include:

  • The letter adds a personalized touch, which may embark a good impression on the client.
  • It serves the purpose of introducing the company to the client and states the expertise and experience of the organization as well as its offers.
  • The organization can use this letter to sell itself and woo the client to sign a deal.
  • It provides the gist and summary of the content of the detailed proposal.
  • The letter saves the time of both the organization and the client, as a client can go through the letter, and decide if it is interested in looking at the complete proposal or not.

The information included in an auto spare parts selling proposal letter may vary depending on many factors, such as:

  • Whether the client is in the need of a seller,
  • The requirements of the client,
  • The requirements of the company,
  • Offers to the client, etc.

However, generally, a template of such letters includes the following details:

  • Date.
  • Details of the client.
  • Details of the organization selling auto spare parts.
  • Experience of the seller.
  • The proposal of selling the spare parts.
  • Benefits of signing the deal.
  • Explanations to convince for signing the contract.
  • Offers, if any.
  • Attached are documents, if any.
  • Show openness to any correspondence.
  • Gratitude.

If the client organization does not get impressed with the letter, and the offers, it would reject the proposal. However, if it believes that the backward integration would benefit it in several ways, further communication and contract signing would commence.

Sample Auto Spare Parts Selling Proposal Letter

Dear Mr. Jeffery,

I am writing this letter to offer you the services of our company ABC Limited.

As your company XYZ owns various automotive workshops as well as manufacturing units, I hope we can partner, and earn better profits. We provide automotive spare parts and sell them at a market competitive rate. We believe, that if you do backward integration with us, it will certainly provide you huge benefits, as we offer a large variety of spare parts for all kinds of vehicles.

We have been in this business for more than twenty years and have done several forward and backward integrations to gain maximum effectiveness. We provide spare parts all over the world, as per the demands of different countries and companies. We offer the following categories of spare parts:

  • Locally manufactured.
  • Imported.
  • Used.
  • New.

We are attaching a comprehensive proposal with this letter so that we can make a detailed offer of selling the spare parts to your company. If you sign a deal for two years, we will offer you a 10% discount on every purchase.

In addition, the delivery would be free in all your regions, if the order is of a minimum of $100. We also offer free exchange and full refund, in case of delivery of any damaged part.

Let us know if you need any more information. Looking forward to becoming your dealer for auto spare parts.


Auto Spare Parts Selling Proposal Letter