Bank Loan Proposal Templates

If you need to get the money from the bank for fulfilling your business or personal needs, the first step towards getting the loan is writing a winning bank loan proposal. Sometimes, the bank loan proposal is the first document that brings your company and the bank in contact. So, it is important for you to give a good impression of the company in order to get your proposal accepted.

What is the purpose of a bank loan proposal?

It should be kept in mind that the primary goal of a bank loan proposal is to persuade the banker for giving you the loan. Another purpose of the loan proposal is to assure the banker that you are capable enough to repay the loan. Sometimes, you also need to attach documentation with the proposal to prove your ability to pay back the loan.

Elements of the bank loan proposal template:

The bank loan proposal template contains the following elements that make it highly useable

  1. Executive summary:

The summary is written to give a complete but brief overview of the company. The executive summary tells the reader about the competitive advantage of the company, the profit earned by the company, the amount of money needed by the company, and why it is needed.

  1. Details of the company:

This section includes the business plan followed by the company, the business strategies of the company, and operations performed by the company. Moreover, the history of the company is another important detail the banker is interested in.

  1. Skills of the company:

The management team of the company is the major representative. Your proposal should explain the qualification and experience of each member of the management team. As a matter of fact, the banker is interested in knowing how the projects of the company are running.

  1. Financial data:

Anyone wanting to apply for a loan is required to tell his/her financial strength. The financial statements and the financial forecasts for the next 5 years are some important documents for the bank. This information enables the bank to know your ability to repay the loan. While providing your financial data, make sure that you are honest and telling the truth. It is also important to maintain transparency when it comes to mentioning the financial details.

  1. Tell your plan:

The bank also wants to know the production plan in order to get an idea about the profit you are going to earn. This information also lets him know if you are capable of boosting sales. If you want to get the money for boosting sales, the production plan will be the main focus of the bank. You should also focus on your production plan. Another plan in which the bank is interested in the marketing plan. The bank sometimes also wants to know whether you are informed about your competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, etc.

After you have finished writing the proposal, attach all those documents that support the details you have given in the proposal. Make sure that the details provided in the proposal match the supporting documents.

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