Bar Proposal Template

Thank you very much for the meeting yesterday. We are extremely excited to open a new branch of the XYZ Bar in ABC Shopping Mall on Alberta Street, Portland and looking forward to your company investing in it. XYZ will be a premium bar, providing comfort food and the finest quality wines and beers. We have prepared this proposal for you, with all the details. We would like your company to have a look at the entire investment opportunity and share your business assistance to support us.

Timothy Halls

XYZ bar Proposal

Executive Summary

XYZ Bar is one of the famous and successful bars on ABC Boulevard. Timothy Halls and Jason Brenton are the owners of the XYZ Bar. We have a 10-year experience of running this bar with success. This premium bar provides a subtle, soft and unwinding space to its customers. Our sitting areas are comfortable and relaxing. We serve the best quality beer and wines and have live music on the weekends in the bar. Our business is doing great and we want to open another branch in the ABC shopping mall.



We provide the following services at the XYZ bar and plan to continue the same pattern:

  1. Cocktails

5 Signature cocktails

  1. Bar services

Premium Bar: Professional Bartenders serving high-quality and high standard alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

Platinum Bar: High standard service for Corporate Events, Galas, Fundraisers and Parties

  1. Food

Finger Food

  • Sandwiches
  • Friend fish sticks
  • French fries

Service Sourcing

Alcohol: We will purchase our alcohol from the State Distributing Company. Also, we will import some of the premium liquor from Italy.

Food: Our food suppliers will be the same companies that are already supplying us food to our XYZ bar.

Bar Staff




Service staff

Business Summary

Hours of operation:

Monday -Sunday: 6:00 pm- 3:00 am


ABC Shopping Mall, Alberta Street, Portland

Items sold:

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, snacks


4 workers will be hired for serving.


Our main objective is to set up a bar so the local community can get together and socialize in a relaxed and casual manner. Also,

  • To provide a huge variety of wines, beers, and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • To be the best bar in the community
  • Create such an outlet that provides our consumers with a place to unwind and share their joy with each other.
  • Gain profitability within the first year and start strategizing about expanding the business.


XYZ bar is owned by Timothy Halls and Jason Brenton and is a registered company doing business in the state of Oregon.

Timothy Halls has an experience of 4 years of management.

Jason Brenton has an experience of more than 8 years of management, operations and has a diploma in catering.

Timothy Halls owns 50% shares of the business

Jason Brenton owns 50% shares of the business


We have acquired a 2-year lease plan for a shop in the ABC shopping mall. This mall is located on the main Boulevard and it is a very lively and happening area. The shop is 1,500 square feet area and the rent is $15/square feet. Moreover, there are a few offices, and universities within a walking distance. The shop is on the ground floor of the ABC shopping mall. We want to convert the shop into a premium bar with seating and serving arrangements. We think that opening up another branch of the XYZ bar at this spot will be a great opportunity for our business.

Target Market

Our target market is the local community people with income higher than $30,000 who want to relax and chill out at the end of the day, ranging from the age group of 25-60.

Market Analysis

According to studies, there are more than 40,000 bars operating in the United States. We conducted a survey in the area and the local people told us about the need to try fine wine-drinking experience. Location plays a very important part in the success of any business. We will appeal to customers who do not want to go far to experience elegant wine and beer selection.

Competitive Analysis

XYZ bar’s direct competitors will be the 2 bars located on the other side of Main Boulevard. One serves as a gaming bar and the other one is a pub. XYZ will position itself as an authentic and premium bar offering great taste in a relaxed environment.


We plan to advertise for our new branch, in all mediums, print, Internet, Social Media, and Radio. We will print advertisements in all newspapers and magazines. We will place flyers on the mall information desk, at the office reception areas and residential areas. Also, we will place ad banners on the internet to make people aware of our new XYZ bar branch opening. Also,

  1. Social media pages: Update social media pages and advertise.
  2. Newspaper: Print ads in all the local community newspapers.
  3. We will arrange a grand opening night to spread the word.

Start-up Fund 

We would like ABC to initially invest $80,000 in the business. Estimated start-up expense details are provided below:

Legal paperwork$1,000
Bar Renovation$2,000
Rent (1-year advance)$5,000
Cooking Equipment$2,000
Stationary /Menus/Flyers$1,000


Legal paperwork includes getting approval from the concerned authorities. Equipment includes furniture, shelves, bar tops, electronic devices, smoke detectors, AC units, CCTV cameras, etc.

Operating Cost

Expenses for each month will be the following:

                      NamesCost/monthCost /year
Employee Salaries$500$,000
Utility Bills$500$6,000
Alcohol inventory$3,000$36,000


Sales Forecasts

This café will surely attract a large number of consumers and we are very optimistic and certain that we will break even within the first year and start generating profit by the end of the second year. Below are the sales forecast for the fiscal years, based on information collected in the field and our already established business:


ItemsForecast Sales


First 6 months: $70,000

First fiscal year: $130,000

Second fiscal year: $220,000

We would like to offer ABC, a 30% share in the net profit after the first fiscal year.


We already have all the required licenses, the list is provided below

  • Registered bar Name and a DBA.
  • Liquor and Foodservice License
  • Entertainment and Music License


We would like to seek your approval to proceed with the necessary arrangements. After your approval, we will initiate the process and we must work on the Terms and Conditions for the future.

Contact Us

You can contact us with any of the following ways:

Phone: 111-1122211


Bar Proposal Template

Bar Proposal Template

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