Bid Proposal Template Free

The bid proposal is used to give a description of the services or products being offered to the client. The type of services provided by the professionals as well as the total cost of the services is stated in the proposal. The proposal is represented before the companies to persuade them to accept the services you are offering.

What should be included in the bid proposal?

  1. The bid proposal should include the information of the owner of the company.
  2. The brief introduction of the services that you are offering, the importance of your services or products and the scope is also mentioned in the proposal. The applicant submitting the proposal should state his skills and expertise level in the proposal so that the reader can know how much potential the applicant has got.
  3. The applicant should mention what he is expecting from the bidder.
  4. The total amount the applicant is willing to pay can be mentioned in the proposal.

An effectively written bid proposal proves that you are the best person to be selected. You can easily secure your job for the prospective client if you know how to draft a professional-looking proposal. The basic purpose of using the proposal is to outline the complete project, the summary of the experience, and details of the budget.

Tip for writing the bid proposal:

One of the main differences between the bid proposal and any other type of proposal is the inclusion of a price in the bid proposal. The use of the bid proposal is not restricted to organizations only. Rather, the individuals can also use it.


It is very important to add the specific contract in the bid proposal as it defines how valid the proposal is. It should be kept in mind that are many parameters on the basis of which the client companies can decide whether or not they should select the proposal. The contract of the company is given to the most qualified proposal.

Therefore, make sure that you are capable of writing a good-quality proposal. The proposal should be influential and persuasive enough to convince the reader to accept the proposal.

Why is proposal important?

In different organizations, the auctioning of different products often takes place. In such events, the attendees often want to prepare a bid proposal in order to get the products at price lower than the actual. People who are concerned about buying the services but don’t know how to make a proposal can make use of the bid proposal template.

Bid proposal template:

This template is a readymade document that is formatted in a professional-looking structure. The template has been designed as a general-purpose template that you can make specific to your purpose after customization.

The use of the template is an excellent way of getting a catchy and influential proposal for bidding purposes. It also ensures that the bidding proposal prepared with the help of a template is in accordance with what your client wants.

Sample Template

Construction bid proposal template