Book Club Proposal Letter

I am Simon Bills from the Diklaton University of Management Science. I am Idea Head and Ideology Manager there. I have been president of the D. H Lawrence club for five years at the University of Australia. I have proposed an idea to form a book club for the student as an extension to the Lawrence D library.

It came to my knowledge that Lawrence Library is visited by hundreds of students and many more have its membership who borrow the books from the library, read them, and then return them at the specified time.

Reading is a vital part of success. It is said that ‘readers are leaders. Looking at the necessity of reading and deficiencies in our students who are not willing to more books, I have decided to form a reading book club.


I propose you run this book club in the name of your library which can be considered as an extension of the library. People can come and register themselves by paying their membership fees which will be accommodated according to their financial status and then they can come and join the reading club. This book club can be in the basement of the building of the library which is a vacant place for a long period.

With this, students or the members of the club will be able to read books, discuss their perceptions and ideas, and analyze the authorial opinions and thoughts. This will not only encourage them in building a reading habit but will also develop their analytical and critical skills.

I present myself for all the managerial services with the experience I got at the University of Australia. We can discuss this further if needed. Please contact me at [email]. Thank you.


Simon Bills, Dikalton University of Management Sciences, California, USA.

Book club proposal letter


Re. Proposal to Open a Book Club at the University of California

Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter is composed to suggest and propose the formation of a book club in the department of Literature around the World of the University of California [UoC]. This proposition has been held under the supervision of Dr. James Hilton. Hilton wants to donate his books, which are not a small number actually, to form a book club in the said department. This will help the students to develop strong literary writing skills along with the habit of reading.

We are willing to develop a complete team for this book club in which many literary programs will be conducted on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

Students will get themselves enrolled in the book club and then can get entertained by the services provided by the book club. We (my team) will manage the charge of the book club and other management. This will not only help the students to read and learn but their communication and public speaking skills will also get improved and polished.

We need assistance from the university management and financial aid office to execute the proposition. This will help students and will also produce more workforce for university students who are competent enough to carry the job. I hope this proposal will meet wonderful consequences. A list of the available books and a catalog of the resources available have been enclosed. Further information can be provided if needed.

Email: [email] Phone: [phone].

Book club proposal letter