Book Club Proposal Template

It is respectfully stated that I, [NAME], am a teacher by profession and work at ABC Public school for 6 years. After completing my education, I was always keen to work with innocent brains and incorporate them with love for reading and exploring. Since then, I joined this school and have been educating students to polish their raw talents and hone their skills.

Private schools are all equipped with foreign qualified staff but students at public schools do not enjoy such luxuries therefore, I joined this school. I have made good friends in the form of colleagues and have tried to impart the love of reading in them. It is not easy to manage job, house, and any other activity.

In addition to being a teacher, I also take care of my family business of restaurants and cafes. They are not my priority, but I still enjoy that business. They are 5 in number and are spread in the city.


To draw attention of students and teachers, I would like to propose the idea of a book club at one of my cafes. The place is secluded as it is on the 1st floor and is not used by the staff. Allocating a proper place for discussions and meetings may help in raising the likeness towards books and other such materials.

I seek tour approval to initiate this book club at a public place. Kindly consider my request at your earliest.


[Your Name]

Employee at ABC School

Contact: 788 468 899


Book club is a gathering of people to share their opinions, views regarding a specific book. These book clubs are formed, organized, and run by book lovers who strive to find people with same interests.

They are usually comprised of 10 or more people regardless of their gender, race and religion. They work in a manner that all members agree on reading a specific book within a week or fortnight or a month. After the completion of book, all members join and share their opinions which help in complete understanding of the book. Once a book is completed, another book is assigned for reading.

Book clubs are formed without any limitations related to the age and profession of people. Many schools promote the habit of book reading by forming book clubs and including its discussions as academic results. In addition to being a habit, people read books related to their jobs and profession to excel in other domains.

Discussions can be held at home, cafes, schools, or any other place that provide peace to discuss. Book discussions are also preferred at restaurants while having meals and drinks to save time.

This book club at the cafes will entertain not only teachers but also students. I plan on making different groups of students and assign them different books for reading to check their interests and capabilities. Everyday a different group of students will be invited for discussions whereas teachers’ discussion panel will be conducted once every month.


Book reading is a great activity. Some people are gifted naturally while other acquire this habit of reading over time and changing interests. Positive aspects of book club discussions are provided below,

  • It motivates an individual to read and take part in a discussion so that he is not left out.
  • Book discussions among students allow them to open and voice their opinion.
  • Discussions help in better understanding of the context.
  • Different groups of students allow them to befriend people other than their class fellows.
  • It provides some time to teachers for enjoying themselves and read a good book.

Plan of Action

Every new venture requires time and interest to make it possible practically. Thinking of an idea is easy but working on it and gathering people is different. It requires patience and consistent nature to bring people on the same page. Steps of forming a book club are given below,

  • Clearing and cleaning the space allocated for book discussions.
  • Clearing the walls and other items that might distract members.
  • Gathering suitable furniture such as chairs and tables for sitting.
  • Confirming timings to the students and teachers for avoiding any inconvenience.
  • Listing all the books that would be assigned to groups.
Book club proposal template