Book Publishing Proposal Template

What is a book publishing proposal?

The book writers often use book publishing proposals to convince him to publish his book. It is important for a writer to write the proposal in such a way that it can persuade the publisher to publish his book.

The book publishing proposal is prepared before the writer starts writing the book. If the publisher likes the book publishing proposal, he will ask the writer to go ahead with the book and pay him for writing.


Writing a book publishing proposal is a time-consuming task as a lot of research is required. Although the proposal’s length varies from proposal to proposal, a typical proposal is 10 to 25 pages in length.

If a project is complex, the proposal can reach 40 to 50 pages. However, it is completely out of question to consider the number of pages when you are serious about writing a professional-looking book publishing proposal.

Some people also consider writing the book first and then the proposal. This can also be a good idea if the writer does nonfiction books. Sometimes, the marketing of books matters more than its content. However, a book with good content can persuade the publisher to publish the book and earn a good amount of money.

How to write the book publishing proposal?

There are several things that should be kept in mind while writing the proposal. The first to remember is that the entire focus of the proposal should not be on the content of the book. The reader is always interested to know why he should read the book. This proposal should explain what benefits the publisher will avail of after publishing the book.

Tips for writing the proposal:

  1. The writing in the proposal should be outstanding. Many writers focus on the content of the book and pay no attention to the proposal. In this way, they write an average-looking proposal that has no energy to persuade the reader. So, the writer should be able to write a good proposal.
  2. There are lots of book publishing proposals in line that a publisher has to choose from. Your proposal should be written in such a way that it can stand out.
  3. Make sure that you add only relevant details to the proposal. The biggest reason for the failure of most of the proposals is the irrelevancy that only makes the reader reject the proposal but also annoys him.
  4. The details in the proposal should be well structured. The format of the proposal should be known so that you can structure the entire proposal according to it. If you don’t know the format, you should take some time and research. However, another option is to download a readymade proposal template and then customize it to make it fit your needs. The readymade proposals are also designed by professional people who know better about the format and also save the time of the user.


Book publishing proposal template