Book Publishing Proposal

A book publishing proposal is utilized for selling nonfiction books to publishers. Particularly, a book proposal asserts with your book, that is it actually a salable and marketable product. It is like a business plan for your book which forces the publisher to invest in your book. Before writing a complete book, first, begin to raise the interest of an editor or agent. It would get done by writing a book publishing proposal. If those certain publishers get convinced by your proposal or argument, it will make a contract with you to pay for writing the book.

Length of Proposal

Writing an effective and proper well-researched proposal can consume your weeks or more. The length of a proposal varies in a vast manner. Most of the proposals are around 10 to 25 pages double spaced which do not include sample chapters. It is not much concerning if a proposal reaches 50 pages or more. For certain difficult and complex projects samples also get included.

Business Case is Important than Writing

Definitely, people never want to listen that this proposal (business case) is more important than writing. But yes, it is. The editor or agents will pay you according to the main concept and idea of your book. You can only show that your idea is influential by sending them a book publishing proposal.


Impactful book publishing proposal makes your book more valuable and you can earn through it properly. Your agent will get influenced by the main idea and concept you present in your proposal.

Sample Proposal Template

Proposed Book Title:


Things every cook should know

Author: Nigella Larson

Description: It is a collection of all my original recipes in the form of a book.

Category: This book fits under the category of Cooking, Baking, Lifestyle, Culinary, and Food Styling. It addresses the Art of Cooking and Baking, serving as means of Self-achievement and Entertainment.


I am a Food Blogger on the internet and have a following of around 1 million followers. Cooking is my passion and I have been doing it for the past 20 years. I have come up with a lot of recipes and people near and dear to me have always appreciated and loved my cooking. All my recipes are original and tried for years. I have prepared a Cook Book of my own recipes and would like your company to publish it in the form of a cookbook. It’s not just a collection of recipes, but a way to a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Target Audience

The audience of this book is 13-45 years old men and women, mainly because my recipes focus on snacks and Tea-Time servings. Also, the recipes are diet conscious and people of this age group try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating good food.


I want my recipes to come to life for my fans. The main purpose of the book is to provide instant, easy and healthy recipes so they can be prepared in less time. What sets this book apart from all the others is the quality and accuracy of the recipes. Also, food photography has been done by the renowned Food Photographer Griffin James. He has managed to take tempting and mouthwatering images of the food. After purchasing this book, readers will be able to have easy access to all the recipes, whenever wherever they want. They will be able to learn different techniques and styles of cooking. Moreover, they will have access to a lot of Food Styling pictures for better food presentation.


There are quite a few books available in the market addressing the relevant food styles. They are written by professional cooks. However, cookbooks written by Internet Food bloggers and Vloggers are only two at the moment.

  1. Nerdy Nummies Cookbook: All Year Round by Rosanna Pansino.
  2. Dumpling Sisters Cookbook: Over 100 Favorite Recipes from a Chinese Family Kitchen by Amy and Julie Zhang.

Marketing Strategy

The marketing of this book will not be a problem as I, myself, am an influencer on the internet, and in today’s market, social media plays a major role.

  • I will hire a PR firm to promote the book.
  • We will conduct free cooking classes at malls.
  • We will request the top 10 bloggers for reviews of the recipes and conduct interviews.
  • Publish articles in newspapers, on weekends to promote the cookbook.
  • We can have tours in the United States, hold meet-and-greets with the people in malls and restaurants.


We can seek endorsements from renowned names in the culinary world such as Martha Stewards, Rosanna Pansino, and others.

Author Biography

Nigella Larson was born and raised in Brooklyn. She was a home-cook before emerging as a Food blogger on the internet. Her YouTube channel ‘Nigella Cooks’, is a creative and well-known channel with over 1 million subscribers. Nigella has made over 500 cooking videos and has created hundreds of recipes over the years. She has now moved to Los Angeles with her family and continues to impress her fans every day.

“This book is very close to me. I have worked hard on all these recipes. I am a self-taught chef, I have tried and learned. “


The book consists of three chapters. A little description is provided below:

Chapter 1

Tea Sacks: This chapter consists of a total of 8 recipes. Along with the recipes, I teach how to serve them in attractive ways and share a few tips and tricks.

Chapter 2

Light and Less: This chapter consists of 10 recipes. It focuses on healthy and light snacks that can be prepared with ease and everyday items available in the kitchen.

Chapter 3

Anywhere- Anytime: This chapter will comprise 10 recipes. This is a general section consisting of recipes of Salads, Snacks, and Dip that can be made at any time.


Format: The book will have a cover page Title, along with a photograph, chosen from the photoshoot. A table-of-contents page with the list of all the chapters along with the recipe names. Each chapter will contain a little introduction about the type of food covered in that particular chapter and styling tips along with the photographs and illustrations of the dishes. There will be a master page spread, at the start of each chapter, with a separate text frame for each element: Title, Ingredients, and instructions.

I have all the images of the food with me and we can sit together and select the ones your company thinks are acceptable.

Page Count: There are 150 pages in this cookbook.

Word Count: The word count of this cookbook has reached up to approximately 5000.

Contact Information

Nigella Larson


Book publishing proposal template