Building Painting Services Business Proposal

I, [NAME], have been working with ABC construction company for 11 years. This construction company is very well-known around the city due to its sky-scraping buildings and other amazing projects. Their portfolio has always been the best among other construction companies. These companies take on a project and provide the complete building to clients. Every task from foundation, structure, grey structure, electrical connections, plumbing, painting, tiling thus, all tasks are governed by the company and are performed by laborers hired by them.

I joined this company as a laborer and worked for 5 years but later I learned the skill of painting buildings and settled for this department as I liked giving colors to the painting and playing around with it. Due to my hard work and determination, I have been promoted to the rank of manager and supervise the department of painting comprising of 5 other painters.

I would never have thought about leaving but now I want to try my luck at my own business of painting services. I will not be associated with any construction company and work as a private contractor after devising my team. I managed a proposal and looking forward to your approval.

Eagerly waiting for your response.


Manager at ABC Construction Company


Painting is the process of applying paint or color to any surface or medium. It enhances the overall look of a surface and completely changes its appearance. Building painting is the method of painting buildings to make them stand out among other buildings. Buildings have been painted for a long and are still being painted. Painting not only provides them a great appearance but it also protects the inner material from natural situations such as hailstorm, acid rain, or snow.

It also helps in the recognition of specific buildings i.e. most brands use specific colors for their products and also paint their factories and outlets with the same colors for identification. Almost every building i.e., mosques, houses, factories, industries, shops, and others are painted. It is an important step in the construction of the building which is done after the construction.

Over time, techniques have been changed to make it more appealing by using different objects. Various paints have been introduced by mixing different colors in different quantities. The texture is added in-home painting using brushes, foams, and other objects to make it more likable.

I plan to use advanced techniques in painting to make it more appealing to the eyes. Simple objects can be used to draw different patterns and the results are amazing. Different buildings have different criteria for paint colors and textures. Home painting includes a mixture of bright and dark colors based on the theme. School buildings are painted with vibrant colors whereas factories and other industries are painted using solid colors.


Setting up a business is not an easy task as it requires determination, finances, and thorough knowledge of the field. It requires experience to deal with hurdles that may tag along and keeping patience about it. This difficult task can be achieved by dividing it into the following small, manageable objectives,

  • Deciding name and policy for the business based on a working criterion.
  • Renting a space for dealing with clients and experimentation with new techniques and methods.
  • Making contracts with different paint manufacturing companies.
  • Buying tools and other essentials that are required for the job.
  • Purchasing furniture and stationery for setting up an office.
  • Employing good marketing strategies to spread the word of our new venture.
  • Hiring employees to work in the departments of management, administration, cleaning, painting, and others.


Every business requires a specific skill set to make it work. It may differ from business to business. Acquiring any skill can never go wasted as it can be used at any time in your life. Some of the skills that can be useful for this setup include,

  • A professional degree related to a painting or certification for registration purposes.
  • These skills can also be learned from seniors during the job and can be made a profession.
  • Communication skills are very important as they allow you to communicate properly with clients and understand their requirements. These skills also assist in providing information about the texture and colors of paints to the clients.
  • Leadership qualities help in managing a huge team of employees with different temperaments in an efficient manner. It allows you to obtain maximum work from your employees in desired time. It is very important to provide an amicable working environment to the employees.
  • Management skills assist in managing various tasks at once. Often, a load of work is more than usual thus, it is necessary to manage a team in a manner that every project is completed in due time.
  • Financial knowledge is very crucial for running a business because every task involves finances i.e., purchasing equipment, paying employees, buying paints, etc.


Highlights of starting a business as compared to being attached with a construction company are mentioned below,

  • Being a private contractor is a difficult task because you have to make your own identity whereas, being with a company ensures mega projects and a continuous source of income.
  • Attaching with the company does not give you recognition individually as the success of any project is considered the success of the company but being a single owner gives you recognition in your field which has its benefits.
  • Having contracts with various paint companies allow you to attract more clients as different clients choose different paints and do not compromise on them.
  • In the absence of mega projects, private contractors can work on smaller projects such as painting houses, schools, or any other buildings as these projects are never out of order.


Building Painting Services Business Proposal