Business Plan Proposal Templates


  1. Executive Summary

The first section of the proposal is the most important part as it describes the general idea behind the company. This brief introduction gives a clear reason for sending the Business Plan to the reader. It must be noted that most of the readers give most of their attention to this part and so, it should be well written.


Our company XYZ, has been successfully operating in (area) since 1995. We, not only provide quality (products), but our excellent customer service has helped us in marking our name in (sector) within such less time.


As Company XYZ is dealing in (sector), thus we ensure that (target audience) gets the best facilities. Future outlook of market bright in our view and in the era of advancement we are striving towards nothing but the most advanced technologies, techniques, and methods of operation.

This proposal has been drafted and sent to you so that you consider our offer of allowing us to work for you as a (service provider). You will find the offer and other details mentioned in detail in this proposal.

  1. Business Description

The second section of the business proposal should give a brief introduction to your business. All questions like what it is all about, why and by whom it was started. This is a type of origin story and the point where the reader decides whether your business is worth anything or not.


Company XYZ, under the leadership of (Mr. Boss), is working on the idea of stepping up and this is what makes us unique. We have been dealing in (sector) since (year operations started). Ensuring that our customers receive the best quality products and services are our mission and ultimate goal that we are striving to fulfill.

Read through the proposal to know more about us and to know how our offer.

  1. Mission Statement

Every organization has a mission and vision to follow. The next section must tell the reader about the mission your particular company has to follow.

  1. Products and Services

This section is very important as this is where you describe all about your products and services in detail. This part of the proposal can include pictures or diagrams if you feel that it will help in making an impact on the reader. Next, a detailed account of how your product or service benefits the reader must be mentioned properly. This is the point where an investor will make his mind.


Product (name) that we offer is one of its kinds in the market. This is the only product available in the market that is cost effective and suits your needs best. By comparing our product and services with that of competitors you will get to see how we can save (Cost) and (time).

  1. Financial Plan

Investors should be told about the financial plan that you have to offer. This will not only attract them but will help in making up their mind as well.


Most of the transactions made will be in bulk so we will cut the majority of cost in bulk discounts. Fees and other such charges may be priced at a rate of $0.01 to $0.02.

  1. Future Development

This section is very important, as it will show planning about your offer.


In the future, we will extend our services to the people of other regions as well. According to our research, once established, we will extend our services and will gain massive support from the areas around.


For further details and partnership information, please contact:

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Business plan proposal template

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