Business Proposal in Fashion Design

A business proposal in fashion design is a document written by an individual who is seeking potential businessmen to invest in fashion designing. The proposal highlights the key areas where the investors can put their money and the design and structure of the business with possible opportunities for profit.


Sample Proposal

To: Alison James

From: Matthew Johns
New York City, New York

22nd May 20XX

Dear Ms. James,

Thank you very much for the meeting yesterday. We are extremely excited to start our XYZ fashion designing store of Designer wear on Ashland Avenue, New York, and looking forward to your company assisting us financially to set up this business. We have prepared this proposal for you, with all the details.

We are sending you samples of our clothes so your representatives can see the fineness of our clothes. Have a look at the entire opportunity and share your assistance to support our business idea.

Let us know if you have any reservations or queries.


Matthew Johns 

Fashion Design Business Proposal for ABC

Business Summary

The fashion industry is one of the most important and wide-reaching industries in the world. Designers, fashion stores, tailors, embroiderers are the individuals that define fashion. Our XYZ fashion house would like ABC to assist us in opening our XYZ store for Maternity clothing line collection. All the designing and stitching will be done by our in-house designers. We aim to compete with the world’s best in the fashion industry and eventually become one of the top fashion designers.

We understand the fashion world and the needs of expectant moms in terms of textures, shapes, and colors. We have a work experience of more than 5 years. We aim to incorporate technology to help us become more efficient and resourceful in design production. As ABC is a top venture capital firm and you support talented entrepreneurs, we would like you to provide us with the necessary finances to start up our business. 


Our shop will be providing the following services and products:

  • Designing
  • Stitching
  • Consultancy services
  • Sales of Maternity design wears
  • Sales of fashion accessories

Business Summary

Hours of operation:

Monday -Saturday: 11am -5pm


Ashland Avenue, New York

Items sold:

Garments and Accessories


2 workers will be hired initially


Our main objectives are as follows:

  • Stay in touch with the target demographics that are most likely to buy our garments and anticipate current consumer maternity wear trends.
  • Supply a wide variety of accessories related to fashion.
  • Establish a long-lasting bond with other designers, such as manufacturers and showrunners, for sharing creations through a wide range of audiences. This will help in gaining annual service contracts so we can have a sustainable business model.

Business Ownership

We are currently 2 partners registered under the XYZ Fashion Design business. It will be a privately held business in New York.

  • Mathew Johns/ Owner
  • Nielson Barbara/ Owner

This business willcontemplate a 50-50 equal partnership.


We have registered the name of the shop with the Department of Trade and Industry and Local Government Unit.


For a designer shop, the location is the most important factor and on that depends the profitability of the business. We understand that foot traffic is also very important. The location that we have chosen is nearby a few Boutiques and high-end Salons. There is a 2,000 square feet shop available on Ashland Avenue, next to a Tea-Lounge and Art Gallery. We think it is an ideal location to start the business.  

Market Research

We have conducted a light feasibility study through sales and marketing regulation, so the launch of the clothing line turns out to be a great success.

Industry Analysis

Nowadays, the demand for trendy and stylish maternity wear is on the rise. The global maternity wear market is expected to be $5 billion this year. Not very long ago, women used to think it wasn’t important to wear nice clothes or to look good during pregnancy. But today, times have changed, and wearing designer clothes is a norm, due to the existence of high fashion sense among the millennial mothers. Women like dressing up and love to have a huge variety to select from.

Customer Analysis                     

Consumers prefer new styles and designs and the availability of a wide range boosts the market growth. The main thing that we can highlight in our marketing campaign is the diversity and comfort of our clothing line.

Competitive Analysis

Only 3 brands are working in designer Maternity wear. Their clothing line is monotonous and for this very reason, we have prepared a line that is diverse, comfortable, and elegant. We have a uniqueness and a wide variety at an affordable price, and this gives us an edge over our competitors.


Our marketing campaign will be as follows:

  • We plan to advertise the clothes in all mediums, print, Internet, Social Media, and Radio.
  • We will print advertisements in newspapers, magazines, and billboards.
  • Also, we will place ad banners on the internet for brand awareness.
  • Conduct fashion shows in all the big Malls in New York and the nearby states.
  • A strong online presence plays a huge part in sales generation. We will invite bloggers, V-loggers, social media influencers, mainstream media, and renowned fashion designers.
  • Throw a huge party just before the launch, to create awareness about our maternity line of clothing.


Once the proposal gets accepted, we will be able to start the shop within 4 months.


The cost details are provided below:

Name Cost
Start-up cost $2,000
Fashion show $3,000
Marketing promotion expenses $2,500
Product cost $50,000
Launch party $3,000
Insurance coverage $2,000
Travel $3,000
Miscellaneous $2,000
The cost

Legal paperwork includes getting approval from the concerned authorities, obtaining licenses, and permits. Equipment includes furniture, shelves, electronic devices, display units, CCTV cameras, etc. 

Loan Requirement

To set up this business and sustain it, we will be needing a sum of approximately $150,000. We will put in half of the amount and seek your esteemed firm to lend us $75,000, for three years.

Sales Forecast

During this summer, our company has been selling our summer collection online, through our website and social media marketing. Not only did we generate our revenue, but we made a profit, and our expenses were covered in just 2 months. We have been able to analyze the market critically because of this. Below, we are providing the cost price of our clothes and the expected sales price, at which we think our clothes can easily be sold.

  Different Sizes (Qty) Expected sale price            ($/piece)                         
Design S M L XL S M L XL
M1 50 50 80 80 $5,000 ($100/p) $6,000 ($120/p) $12,000 ($150/p) $16,000 ($200/p)
M2 50 50 80 80 $5,500 ($110/p) $9,000 ($180/p) $16,000 ($200/p) $17,600 ($220/p)
M3 50 50 80 80 $5,000 ($100/p) $6,000 ($120/p) $12,000 ($150/p) $16,000 ($200/p)
Different sizes and expected price

First 6 months: $70,000
First fiscal year: $130,000
Second fiscal year: $200,000


  • We want to make XYZ an online store so people would be able to order clothes online and get them delivered at their doorstep.
  • We would like to open more branches of XYZ stores all over the USA.


We would like to seek your approval to proceed with the necessary arrangements. After your approval, we will initiate the process and we must work on the Terms and Conditions for the future.

Contact Us

You can contact us with any of the following ways:

Phone: 223-1333333
Email: [Email]


Business proposal in fashion design
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