Cafe Proposal Template

Thank you very much for the meeting yesterday. We are extremely excited to start our XYZ Cafe business on Main Boulevard, Tigard, and looking forward to your company financially assisting us to set it up. We have prepared this proposal for you, with all the details. We would like your company to have a look at the entire opportunity and share your assistance to support our business idea. Let us know if you have any reservations or queries. Regards, Mathew Morison.

Sample Template

Food Authority Department
7492 London Road
London, England

George Grey
Head of Food Department
Contact [X]


Dated: 29th July 20XX

Respected Sir,

It is humbly communicated that I am working at XYZ restaurant for 4 years. I am a Pakistani national and came to England to find a job as I have many responsibilities to take care of back at home and I am the sole breadwinner of the family. I did my graduation in Electronics Engineering from Pakistan and tried to seek a related job in London, but I couldn’t. Therefore, I mastered the skills of baking and cuisines of many countries through cookery courses.  I was a quick learner because of my interest in the field.

I joined XYZ restaurant as a helper and worked with devotion to reach the goal of a chef. I have gained immense experience during my service because of my exemplary mentors. XYZ excels in providing its customers an exquisite dining experience and takes great pride in the service provided. All the waiters are subjected to three months-long courses of etiquette learning before assigning their task.

I have learned a lot from this job, and I want to utilize it to make my people proud. I have always wanted to start a business of Pakistan’s Street food and other signature cuisines as there is no restaurant providing food and people from my hometown would love this idea. I seek approval from Food Authority Department for setting up my business. I have already decided the place for the restaurant and formulated a proposal for you. Kindly consider my request as a priority.

Anxiously awaiting your approval.


Sid Torres
Chef at XYZ Restaurant


Food is the necessity of life and there are people who live and work so that they can spend on quality food. The business of food can never get old or face any recession as people will always consume food to live and celebrate. Food is an important part of an individual’s life as it is involved in every aspect and cannot be ignored. You need to have food whether you are traveling, happy, sad, studying, or enjoying.

Food is the first item that comes under consideration while arranging for a celebration i.e., wedding, engagement, bridal showers, picnic, treats, or at official parties, the struggle is to order the best food so that all guests can enjoy it. But providing quality food is not an easy task as it requires the use of high-quality raw materials i.e., spices, meat, vegetable, and other items. In addition to quality, concentration, cooling time, cutting every item is crucial to make an extraordinary dish.

There are many restaurants in London that not only serve their cultural food hit also provide the options of foreign cuisines to widen their customer’s range. But there are a few restaurants that serve typical Pakistani and Indian food, if so, there are no restaurants serving street food of these countries. Street food has a special place in the hearts of every citizen as it is full of spices and colors.

The business of every street hawker and restaurant thrives due to the interests of people in spicy food. Therefore, opening a street food theme-based restaurant will be loved by all. In addition to including desi dishes, cuisines from different cultures will also be considered to entertain more clients. A new cafe with colors and spice is much needed in the following are of the city to provide people a point of conversation.


Setting up the restaurant is going to be very difficult because I gained experience as a chef, but a businessman has to consider every aspect of the business. In addition, a makeover of the place and marketing is also necessary. All these tasks would easily be achieved by following the below-mentioned objectives

  • Look out of the place decided for restaurant and taking care of matters officially with the owner
  • Hiring a contractor to take care of the renovations of the property as is required
  • Changing the floor of place with modern and patterned tiles as old tiles are broken and have lost their color
  • All the walls need a fresh paint of vibrant colors to give it a traditional and cultural look
  • Addition of restrooms as they are not present already
  • Ordering modern furniture for sitting and waiting area
  • Arrangement of a separate room for staff to change their uniforms or take a nap
  • Ordering crockery, cutlery for customers
  • Arranging utensils for cooking and other chores in the kitchen
  • Installing proper ventilation system in kitchen to make it breathable for users
  • Purchasing paintings and other decorative items to enhance the aesthetics
  • Arranging a separate cocktail bar to entertain local people
  • Making arrangements for hiring staff members such as chefs, helpers, waiters, managers, administrators, finances and security guards
  • Using effective marketing strategies to promote the business further
  • Deciding menu for the cafe and performing other essential chores
  • Contacting food critics to review food


In addition to determination, finances, and other essentials, skills are also important for the ultimate success of any business. Any skill learned over time can never be unlearned or useless therefore, invest yourself in learning new skills each day. Some of the skills that can prove beneficial for the business include

  • Communication goes a long way as being a businessman, you need to make connections with hundreds of people, and it is important to communicate in a manner that they understand you and vice versa. It helps to build connection and also eases tough conversation
  • Management skills are crucial for a businessman as they have to take care of several tasks occurring simultaneously which can be very daunting and lead to a breakdown. It is important to manage every task at a specific time and take things seriously based on their priority
  • Financial knowledge also plays a significant role in the success of any business as it frees you from hiring any extra help to take care of your finances. Money is involved in every purchase and other dealings and needs to be taken well care of.


Cafe proposal template