Car Mortgage Loan Proposal Template

We had a productive meeting with Mr. X yesterday and he asked our company to provide a mortgage loan for 6 cars for your XYZ Company. Based on the information in the documents provided by Mr. X, ABC approves XYZ for a mortgage and we are sending our proposal. ABC is delighted to provide you with the best financial services that fit your budget. Let me take the opportunity to tell you that we offer the best customer services and benefits that suit your needs.

We have the lowest mortgage loan rates on new cars as well as used cars and other vehicles.

For any queries, please call our company.


Jamie Morris 

Car Mortgage Loan Proposal for XYZ Company

Company Introduction

Buying the car of your dreams can be overwhelming and financially straining. ABC offers ideal opportunities for car mortgage loans. We provide a free online qualification check. We offer loans that fulfill the requirement for every mortgage need. Our company provides consultation with our expert mortgage officers to help you to make the right decision before and along the way. We have access to a lot of mortgage plans which gives us the benefit of offering you the best solution to your financial problems. We take pride in offering

  • Complete transparency
  • No hidden charges
  • Low processing fees
  • Competitive interest rates


ABC provides the following services and offers various types of mortgages and loans

  • Adjustable-rate Mortgages
  • Fixed-rate Mortgages
  • Conventional rate Mortgages
  • Investment loans
  • Construction loans
  • Consultancy

Proposal Summary

Loan Purpose: Purchase of cars
Type: New
Amount: Minimum $200,000
Term: 3 Years – 10 Years


The mortgage loan will be granted for the purchase of 6 company cars for XYZ. ABC offers a variety of hassle-free terms and to fit into your budget. Our goal is to provide expert guidance and competitive interest rates. We offer low processing charges and easy repayment options.

Document Requirement

Your company is required to submit the following documents:

  • Copy of ABC business registration papers
  • Company audited financial statements for the past 6 months
  • Photographs of the guarantors and their salary slips
  • Copy of income tax returns
  • Auto Mortgage loan form


The following will be the procedure:

  • Mortgage Pre-Approval: Gather all the related financial documents and their thorough screening. You can send us the credit details and we will analyze your credit history closely.
  • Finalize the Car: Select the cars which your company wants to purchase.
  • Finalize the Mortgage Loan: Settle all the agreements and applications and initiate the mortgage process.
  • Closing: Review the closing disclosure and closing cost. Sign the finalized deal.

Processing Fee

ABC would have to pay 0.75% of the loan amount upfront as soon as the deal is finalized.

Car Mortgage Loan Rates

We offer the lowest payment, interest rate, and easy schemes. Following are the loan rates details:

Time Period: 3-years. Rate: ARM (4.22%)
Time Period: 5-years. Rate: ARM (3.98%)
Time Period: 10-years. Rate: ARM (3%)

Proposed Loan Calculation

If you take the 3-year plan, we propose the following:

Items | Amount

Car price -$200,000/-
Loan term -36 months
Down payment -$40,000/-
Gross monthly income -$100,000/-
Monthly installment -$5,790/-

Mortgage Protection Insurance

ABC offers mortgage protection insurance to our customers. It also carries comp and collision coverage.

Terms and Conditions

  • The customer company XYZ agrees to pay ABC each installment, in the amount agreed upon, on each decided date of payment.
  • If XYZ defaults on the repayments, ABC will be authorized to seize the vehicles.
  • The monthly payments will not cover the running cost of servicing, tires, and registration.
  • ABC retains ownership over the asset until XYZ makes the final payment.


Our representative will get in contact with you as soon as you send us the attached documents with your signatures and a meeting will be arranged as soon as possible.

Car mortgage loan proposal template