Car Service Station Proposal Template

Cover Letter

It is stated that I, Eric Nelson, have been in the field of automobile service stations for 7 years. I started my service station as a small venture with only 2 employees and started providing services to passers only. Later, the popularity of the area and the construction of a famous mall increased the flow of cars and with this move, I also hired more employees and expanded my work.

I also taught some of the employees as they were unaware of this business but were very hard-working people. With the passage of expansion, the process of learning and providing exceptional services continued. The key to a successful business is to allow your work to speak for you instead of speaking for your work. If a client is happy with the provided service, then they choose you over and over again.

I have a great clientele and some of them are my regular customers. I have earned customers by providing exceptional and error-free services. I came to know about the contract that your department is offering to make with any service station in terms of providing a facility to your employees.

I would like this opportunity to represent my work and avail this contract offer in the name of my service station. I have attached a proposal for your reference and await your reply anxiously.

Kindly consider me for this amazing opportunity.

Car service station proposal cover letter

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A car service station is a place that provides various services to automobiles to keep them functioning for a longer period. Over a course of the period, machinery and other movable parts of cars have worn out and need a replacement or repair and the service station provide these facilities.

With the advancements in technology and mode of transportation, along-with ease provided with owning a car, almost every individual wants to own their own. It not only makes it easy for movement but has also turned into a status symbol in recent years. With the increasing demand for cars and the varieties offered, car service stations have become popular and much in demand to cope with the increasing requirements.

The automobile services station is fully equipped for providing services to new models of automobiles. Therefore, I really urge you to consider my service station for facilitating your employees. I will be extremely delighted to serve your department and it will also tell you about my professional business and unmatched services.


Services provided by automobile service stations are given below,

  • Car wash
  • Battery service
  • Selling car parts and accessories
  • Wheel balancing and alignment
  • Change of engine oil, gear oil, etc.
  • Painting and denting of cars
  • Car body polish
  • Air conditioner services


Choosing an automobile service station will be very significant for you and your employees. It will include the following benefits,

  • My service station is in the vicinity of your department thus, making it easier for car owners to track me.
  • I may provide concession on major services after getting the contract.
  • All the employees of the service station are highly professional and experienced to provide exceptional services.
  • Service Station is legalized by the government and no illegal activity takes place here.


Every service station has some highlights that make it stand out among others. I believe you may have received many handsome proposals for this job but the following are the major highlights of the automobile service station,

  • Experienced and professional staff
  • At-home car service
  • Concession on major services
  • High quality of all the materials used
  • One shop for repair, maintenance, and replacement
  • Payment on a monthly basis
  • Major equipment and machinery under one roof
  • No concept of child labor
  • Skilled labor
  • Home delivery of automobiles if required
  • The latest technology in car service

Due to the increasing demands in the automobile industry, service stations have also come into play and there are numerous stations on major roads and busy areas to facilitate car owners and provide an onsite repair of cars. Although cars have to be brought to the station for car wash and major services small operations can be performed on-site without the hassle of bringing cars to stations.

Car service station proposal template

Proposal template file size: 13KB