Compensation and Benefits Proposal

It is respectfully stated that I have been working with ABC Company for 4 years. ABC is a consulting company that provides assistance and consultation to clients regarding their businesses and other matters.

After my graduation, I joined the company to gain some perspective and experimental in this field. After my completing my internship, I joined as an employee and have been working since in the capacity of assistant to the manager.

My task is to assist the manager in chores related to clients and their work affairs. I conduct research, analyze the market, and meet with people who can make potential clients for the businesses.

In addition, our company also provides services in recruiting employees for our valued clients. They provide a checklist of attributes that they want in an employee, and it is the responsibility of our company to give an ad on different platforms, organize and conduct interviews, shortlist candidates and one of the candidates is usually recruited by the client, as an employee.

During my years of service, I have learned a lot while attending meetings and discussions with clients, but I never got a chance to prove my worth in anything beyond research work.

Recently, we acquired another project from a valued client, and I would like to take a lead on this project. The topic is not new to me, and I have worked on it several times.

I require your permission to take the matters into my own hands. I have attached a proposal for the project, along with this letter. Kindly consider my request at your earliest.

Anxiously waiting for your response.

Compensation and Benefits Proposal letter

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Compensation and benefits are a sub-discipline of Human resources that focuses on employee compensation and benefits policies. In general, compensation and benefits refer to the benefits and allowances provided by any company or business to their employees in return for their labor and hard work.

Compensation usually refers to the paycheck that employees receive on a schedule whereas benefits cover indirect pay of an employee which may include health insurance of employee as well as employee, allowances, bonuses, trips, and other such expenses.

Benefits are provided by the employer based on criteria of performance and projects during a reasonable period. Compensation offered by two jobs may be identical but a difference in the benefits provided to the employee can become a good financial proposition for the future.

Compensation and benefits are an important part of job infrastructure because it is immoral and illegal to ask someone to work for you without giving something in return. It is used as the best tool by human resources management to extract the maximum potential of employees regarding their work.

It is generally believed that better compensation and benefits, better the performance of employees. Employees are always looking out for companies that do not only provide good pay but also provide handsome benefits in terms of insurance, food, and travel therefore, it is important for businesses to devise a worthy compensation and benefits policy to draw more employees and keep them intact for several years.

A compensation and benefits plan is a complete package that enlists all the wages, salaries, benefits, and insurance of all the employees. It also entails a gradual increase in pay and other incentives over a specific course of the period. The whole process of compensation and benefits plan includes the following steps,


The whole process starts with planning the complete business and its infrastructure. It includes a number of employees as well as all the job titles required to fill the vacancy of the new business.

Job Description:

The next step is to provide a job description of every vacancy. It includes adding all the tasks that an employee of the company or business is required to perform. A job description defines the contents of tasks that an employer wants their employee to complete. It is advisable to research the market for similar proposals to completely define the title of the job description.


The third step is to finalize the compensation of each employee in relation to their job description. Companies try to compete with one another when it comes to paycheck to attract more and more employees.

Extra efforts:

If employees are required to perform after hours for certain projects then they should be compensated for it in terms of their salaries to motivate them to perform efficiently and complete their tasks.


Figure out all the allowances and other benefits that will be provided to the employees during their employment period and draft all these payments in the form of a document.

Compensation and Benefits Proposal

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