Computer Sales and Service Business Proposal

I have been associated with the department of computer service for 13 years. I started my job as an assistant in the following department and because of hard work passion in the field, I now work as a manager and lead a team of 5 members. All the departments under government orders use computers for their tasks. They use it for storing data, collecting information, listing essentials, and so on.

It is the job of my department to provide computers to the employees when needed. No employee is allowed to make a sale themselves, so we purchase many computers each year and provide on a demand. In addition, computers are transferred to the designated office and all the programs are installed for the employee. 3 members of the department provide service in case of any computer faults and make sure it is running smoothly.

To continue working in the same field after retirement would only be possible if I start my own set up of computer sales and services. I know all about this field and it will not be difficult for me to set up this venture. All the businesses related to computers are approved by the XYZ department therefore, I seek your approval. I have designed a business proposal for my idea and attached it with the following letter. Kindly consider my request.

Your response is awaited.


[Your Name]
Manager at Department of Computer Services


A computer is a device that can collect information or data, it has the ability to manipulate, process, and store data. It has been used for ages and is still finds its application due to its automation, storage, and many other features.

First computers were so huge that they filled an entire room and could not be moved from one place to another. With the advancement in technology, computers also got benefitted as many modifications were done both externally and internally. Externally, the size of the computer was reduced from a huge to a portable computer after many models. Internally, speed, automation, and storage capacity were enhanced along with other features. Due to all these features, computers find their application in every field of life and are crucial for the maintenance of a huge amount of data, which would not be possible without computers.

Computers are a necessary part of every office, institute, business, and study. They provide ease of automation and fast working. They can also be set up at home for working and provide comfort. Sometimes faults may occur in computers, physical faults are less, and mostly internal system of a computer is corrupted which can be corrected by the specialists of computers. We will provide all the services; it will be a one-stop shop for computers.


It is not an easy task to build a business from scratch as it requires hard work and a large sum of time and money which is not possible in this fast-running world. Therefore, such a huge task can only be achieved by dividing it into following small, manageable tasks,

  • Renting the place for an office and Godown to store computers whereas, the office will be used for direct dealing and as a repair shop.
  • Hiring employees to work in the departments of management, inventory, repair, cleaning, and dealing.
  • Purchasing furniture and other essentials for decorating office space.
  • Buying computers and related accessories for selling.
  • Making an online store or website for ordering computers online and provide assistance in case of any fault.
  • Manage a customer support call center to answer any queries that are raised by customers.

Keys to success

There is a hard and fast rule to achieve success in any domain. It requires sheer hard work and passion to make it work. Some of the key points that can be followed are mentioned below,

  • Provide high-quality products to customers to achieve their loyalty and increase clientele.
  • Take customer feedback seriously and make amendments if possible.
  • Keep prices of all equipment reasonable so that every student is able to buy.
  • Provide a friendly environment to customers so that they are not hesitant to visit again.
  • Take care of all employees and create an environment of respect and fun.


There are many products associated with computers without which computers will not work. All these accessories are important to buy and come with the package. These products include,

  • Screen
  • Keyboard
  • Central Processing Unit
  • Mouse
  • Speakers

Some computers may have more accessories but usually, the above-mentioned products are used.


Business of computer sales and services can be run by individuals with a background in computer sciences or diploma in the following field. It is important to understand the functioning and integration of different components of a computer. Moreover, the following skills come in handy for running a business,

  • Management ability adds an advantage as it makes the work of managing and organizing easy. This ability can be used for managing teams or vendors or customers etc.
  • Leadership quality assists in leading a team of employees efficiently and effectively which leads to more work and success.
  • Financial knowledge is very important for running any business as money is involved in every item and it needs to be managed. Purchasing, selling, and business require financing.
  • Communication skills help in conversations with vendors, customers, and employees. It allows you to explain your point to people before you.

Marketing strategies

The success of each business depends on the strategies that are used to market the product worldwide. Some of the techniques used in marketing can open new horizons for the product that has never been imagined by the owners. Some of the strategies that can be used include,

  • Brochures with detailed information about the setup can be pasted all over the city, particularly malls.
  • Social media advertisements are a great way to reach young audiences.


Computer Sales and Service Business Proposal