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If you are writing new and up to date content for any organization, it becomes very important for you to get exposure to that content. This is the point where content marketing is most needed. Whether you are a freelancer or a content marketing agency, it is your job to market the content in an efficient way. In order to make your clients know about your services and marketing strategies to market the content, you can write the content marketing proposal.

In the content marketing proposal, you are required to mention the design of the content and the strategies that will use to market it. When you are writing the proposal for your client, you should keep a well-defined marketing plan in your mind that you will follow to make everything work well. Most of the clients are interested in that plan. So, write the plan first before anything.

When to use the content marketing proposal?

There are many people in the industry that try to find a marketing agency to market their content. All you need to do is find such people and then write a proposal for them.


Sometimes, people don’t actually know if they need the marketing for their content. In such a situation, you can write the proposal and tell the client about the potential benefits of marketing the content online, the benefits of online marketing to boost the business which operates online and lots of other details. The proposal should be convincing enough to persuade the client to accept your offer.

Content marketing proposal template:

This template provides a readymade proposal which is 100 percent customizable. The user can easily personalize to make it suitable for the client he is writing for. The template enables the user to add the image, design, content and lots of other details to it. If the user wants to use the template for getting a clear idea about the layout of the proposal, the template can help him a lot. Through the use of this template, the user can describe his services as a solution to the problems of the client.

Sample Proposal Template

Company:        ABC
Chicago, Illinois

Client:              XYZ
Bedding Company
Main Blvd.
New York City, NY

Date: 30th June 2020

Executive Summary

Social Media Marketing is nowadays one of the most powerful ways for businesses to reach their target customers and Content marketing serves as the backbone for this. Users interact with the brands on a daily basis through social media on the internet. Our company can help increase XYZ’s web site traffic, raise brand awareness and increase communication and establish you as the leader in the bedding industry.

Company Introduction

ABC is a Content Marketing & Management Agency founded in 2004, Chicago, Illinois. We are one of the leading content marketing providers in America. We have grown into a diverse digital marketing partner. We offer a wide range of Social Media services and search engine services. Our strength lies in the hard work and creativity of our team. We help our clients engage better with customers.


Content Marketing

Content creation

SEO content writing

Video marketing


Graphic design

Social Media Consultation

Problem Statement

Bedding and bath accessories are a competitive industry. The global market for beddings is likely to exceed US$100 billion by 2025. It is a challenge to capture the attention of the market in such a competitive environment. In order to stand out and grow, you need creative content and smart advertising strategy to communicate to the people why they should be buying from XYZ; and ABC excels in doing this. Our team will help improve search engine rankings for your company. Our unique approach to marketing will help amplify your brand’s message.


We aim to achieve the following within the next 4 months:

  • Engage and attract more customers, utilizing new tools and content applications and improve overall monthly customer acquisition by 5%.
  • Grow XYZ’s list of emails by 40% and increase brand awareness through social within the areas surrounding the outlets.
  • Improve overall monthly customer retention by 8%.
  • Raise the number of followers by 10% and increase blog traffic by 20,000 visitors per month within the first year of our services.

Competitive Research

Currently, there are 15 other brands producing high-quality Bedding Products and Accessories. What gives XYZ an edge is a fact that they have uniqueness and a wide variety at an affordable price. 60% of our target audience would be homemakers, especially women. 20% would be the teenagers, who usually get their own beds by this age and are fond of decorating with their own style.

According to our research, the top three Bedding companies right now are:

  1. A-beddings

It is the most popular Bedding website at the moment. Its success is driven by good brand recognition and their ability to showcase proper marketing strategies prior to launching products.

Business Running Time: 12 years

Revenue: $30M – $50M

  1. B-beddings

This one is also one of the leading brands. Their content consists of bedding tutorials and those videos are largely viewed and liked.

Business Running Time: 10 years

Revenue: $20M – $40M

  1. C-beddings

C-beddings in gaining a lot of revenue and they are using only 2 social media platforms.

Business Running Time: 8 years

Revenue: $10M – $25M

Content Plan

Our plan is to create great content for the viewers and make sure that it gets found immediately on the internet whenever a person searches for beddings.


Our team will explore your company’s current content marketing strategy and make changes and suggestions where required. One of the things we noticed is that all the product pictures are from one angle only and the clients are unable to view the 360° angle.


We will develop a long-term marketing plan for the content that will keep the users engaged and excited.

Launch Email Marketing campaign

People widely use emails and it serves as the perfect tool for building customer relationships to help generate leads and sales. We will send promotional messages, tips, and competition quizzes to engage the customers.

Ongoing Content creation

We would want to engage the audience on a regular basis to keep them interested. Regular updating of good content on a regular basis extends the length and quality of the relationship with customers.

We will start discussions on Social Media and ask the users what more they want to see, encourage commenting to know their point of view.


We have prepared a month workflow to give you an idea of our strategy. We will be posting Tips, Quotes, Product images, promotions, announcements and blog posts on the internet through social media and emails as well as SMS.


  Monday Wednesday Friday
Week 1 T








Week 2 FB










Week 3 T









Week 4 T









Twitter   –               T
Facebook –            FB
Instagram –           I
E-mail – E
SMS –                     S
Blogging –        B


Package type Description Cost
Package 1 Content marketing without social media $20,000/ month
Package 2 Content marketing, including social media $40,000/month
Package 3 Content marketing on an hourly basis $500/ hour


  • The price offer will expire within the next 30 days after the proposal has been received.
  • 50% of the total cost should be deposited upon acceptance of the proposal.
  • The remaining payment should be made after the approval of the content and start of the campaign.
  • Once the payment has been made, all the content elements such as graphics, text, and photos, etc, whether online or offline, will be owned by XYZ Company.

Contact Us

You can contact us with any of the following ways:

Phone: +1 333 535 2543
E-mail: [Email]
Website: [Website]



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