Corporate Training Program Proposal Letter

Dear Mr. [NAME], corporate training is important for corporate development and increases performance to yield better and enhanced results. I shall take this opportunity to thank you, primarily, for considering our services for the training program. We ascertain the outcoming of doubled benefits and better results.

Our company has been working in the communication and specialized development sector since 20XX. During these [X] years, the company took up several major projects pertaining to developmental learning and professional and corporate training programs.

Our company has been working with [NAME THE OTHER COMPANIES] on the training of employees from a Japanese insurance company. Recently, we successfully completed one-month-long training sessions with some other foreign countries like [NAME THE COUNTRIES].


Our team that will work on the corporate training of your company employees consists of 13 members including layman services. It includes two software managers, three IT professionals, three key speakers, two assistant managers, and some other helping members.

We have one of the best IT professionals who graduated from the world’s top universities and believe in hard work and dedication. All of our team members are exclusively competent, honest, industrious, and well-groomed in their respective fields.

The proposed training program will cost approximately $7000 excluding tax. As the training also includes lunch and tea services, therefore, an amount of $1000 will be added for the meal service. The meal service can be removed from the plan if you want.

The corporate training of the employees will take two weeks. Timings of the training program will be 8 AM to 4 PM from Monday to Thursday. Training shall be conducted on the 7th floor, RHR’s Hall, Detexon’s Building.

For any recommendation or request for changing the program plan, please contact our project director at [EMAIL] or call our project manager at [PHONE] or write at [EMAIL]. We are available for an in-person meeting if needed. Please respond to the letter within three working days, otherwise, the proposal shall be retrieved. Thank you.


Please, get the reference of this letter from the RFPL submitted by your company on [DATE]. According to the RFP submitted, an executive summary of the proposal has been asked for whereas there is no proposal established yet, therefore, it is not possible to draft an executive summary for the program plan for corporate training of employees. We are sending you a plan draft through this proposal letter.

On approval of this letter, a complete proposal can be drafted in the same frame of work. Please suggest, after a thorough study of this letter, if any change is required. Read the letter of proposal and submit your response to us before [DATE].

Any response later than [DATE] shall not be considered for amendments or any change recommendations. Therefore, you are requested to strictly observe the deadlines.

Our company [NAME] has been excelling in providing business outsourcing services and programs (BOSPs) since 20XX. We provide outsourcing in communication, development, designing, and crafting of energy resource management (ERM), and human resource management (HRM). We also provide the finest and pre-eminent training services to corporate employees who are rudimentary in their careers and wish to improve their skills.

Corporate training sessions are conducted every three months with different companies. In the previous session, we provided technical learning and professional development training to the senior research executives to polish their technical skills and turn them into more professional and competent beings.

For the corporate training program of this session, our objective is to provide corporate education in which employees will be brought to an examination of their corporate analysis skills, and after a thorough understanding of their skills and expertise, different groups will be designed.

In each group, employees with one expertise will be settled and they will be trained accordingly. It will enhance their productivity of them and will benefit the business.

This training will cost you $5900. The training sessions will be once a week and start from [DATE] and end on [DATE]. Every Friday, one session of training will be provided from 10 AM to 2 PM. No refreshments or meals will be provided by the company. Employees can arrange for themselves during the break.

A meeting can be scheduled for further discussion on this. Please let us know about your response at [EMAIL]. Our contact details are provided on the right top of the page/letterhead. Thank you for considering our services.

We are anticipating the development of pleasant and professional mutual relations through this training program. It will provide both companies to work together and understand their potential for integration. Thank you.

Corporate training proposal letter