Corporate Training Proposal

You want to have a fascinating proposal that can help you in grabbing potential training organizations to cater to your needs and make your human resource stronger and more competitive. A corporate sector is defined as a self-earned body that comprises of private institutions that don’t get any funds from the government or other resources instead, they are the money makers for themselves and establish an earning hand for its own benefits.

Just like cutting-edge technologies are being introduced in the business on a daily basis, they do require a skilled resource to be trained and skilled enough to handle them in an effective way.

Every company wants to win this money-making battle and wants to be a leader in the future, especially the corporate ones that are in demand and keep pace with the updated tools and technologies.


Senior authorities always encourage their employees to get hands-on experience and training sessions when they come across any project or venture that requires them to be aware of the practical world. For these reasons, proposal, a formal report is written for the sole purpose of developing confidence in the staff and make them prepare to face the upcoming challenges of the fast pace world.

It states the necessity of the firm’s learning and fruitful exposure towards new learning paths. The concern for the employees’ education upgradation is depicted in it with the motives and objectives of the organization in context to the specified training program. Date and time along with the number of participants are highlighted in that document.

A brief introduction about why your company requires that training or what benefits it can bring to the company’s success should be elaborated with a solid background. Likewise, current projects and their working styles should also be described to give a company’s view to the reader.

Your pitch should be able to convince the concerned department to get back to you with positive feedback. For that purpose, we have developed the designs of your proposal that is to be delivered, but the foremost step in making your tender an outstanding one, the one that can stand out from the crowd is the captivating cover page of your whole document. It will set the tone of the examiner and will make him curious about the content inside your report.

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Sample proposal

About Us:

[Name of Company] is a training corporation, located in [Address]. The company provides a professional team with over [Number] years of experience in [Field], to help the clients improve their existing strengths and build new ones. [Description of Company].

Training Sessions:

The training sessions built by our team allow them to analyze the specific traits of their clients. From then on, the schedule is created to bring forth the maximum levels of our client’s strengths. Simultaneously, the team also works on eradicating the weaknesses of the trainees by giving special training and consultation sessions.

There are [Number] of training sessions which are distributed over the course of [Number] days. These sessions will be comprised of both theory and practical lectures. [Description of schedule].

Schedule # 1

Training Schedule

Day 1 [Date] [Time]

[Time Period]: [Session Description]

Day 2 [Date] [Time]

[Time Period]: [Session Description]

Day 3 [Date] [Time]

[Time Period]: [Session Description]

Training Contract

This contract lays out the terms and conditions governing the contract between (Trainers), with its main place of business at (Trainer address), and (Client) who sign the agreement to be bout by this contract. Neither included parties are allowed to make any modifications unless the condition is handwritten and approved by both parties.

  • Training: The training sessions will be led by the Trainer according to the provided schedule.
  • Payment: The total charges of the complete training session are [Figure (Numerical and Written)]. The registration fees for the training course are [Figure (Numerical and Written)] and needs to be submitted with the application form. The fees of one training session are [Figure (Numerical and Written)] and are to be paid before attending the session.
  • Refund Policy: In case there are changes in the training schedule, the client is allowed to refund for that particular session in [Number] days, after the originally scheduled session.
  • Publicity and Marketing: The client agrees to the use of the media and associated trademarks of the client, for marketing purposes only.
  • Applicable Law: This agreement and its interpretation shall be constructed and regulated according to the defined principles of the country.


Name of Client:


Name of Representative:

Title of Representative:



Corporate Training Proposal

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