Cosmetics Manufacturer Business Proposal

It is stated that I, Patrick Dempsey, have been associated with the field of cosmetics for 18 years. I started this job as a worker at a cosmetics shop and later worked as a distributor for various shop owners. All my working experience is related to cosmetics and their usage, particularly for women.

Recently, I came with the idea of manufacturing cosmetics and their distribution worldwide. I want to change the dynamics of the cosmetics world by using herbal and homeopathic ingredients in the cosmetics and provide a long-lasting effect that does not harmfully affect the skin of users. Cosmetics are and always will be in fashion and its industry will never see recession because of the craze that follows it.

I have been following this industry for far too long and made connections along the way. Establishing a business will not be difficult from a practical viewpoint. Therefore, I composed a complete business plan of my idea and attached it with the following letter for your approval as all the plans in the following filed are approved by the XYZ department. Kindly consider my request.

Eagerly waiting for your response.


Patrick Dempsey
Address: House # 34, Street # 9, Block B, London
Contact: [X]


Cosmetic is a broad term which includes a variety of products from a various brand found all over the world. Cosmetics are generally used by women and the term is therefore associated with women’s products, but men’s cosmetics are also available worldwide. The craze and need of women for cosmetics are unmatchable and never-ending. Different brands such as L’Oréal, Revlon, and others made their name through their cosmetics and are used all over the world. These cosmetics are now losing their customers because more brands favoring natural ingredients are making their name in the lives of users.

All the branded products use chemicals that provide a good appearance in front of others but ruin the skin of users due to the adverse effects of chemicals. Natural products take their time to provide glow and a fresh look to the skin, but their effect is long-lasting. In the field of cosmetics, skincare products have gained much importance due to their usage by the public. My manufacturing plant will focus more on the production of skincare products rather than make-up products.

Skincare products including herbal ingredients will help the skin to breathe and delay the process of aging. These products are used daily by working women as well as housewives. Therefore, customers are much more as compared to customers of make-up because only working women use make-up each day whereas skincare products are used by every man and woman.


Various products are used for taking care of your skin and several natural materials can make wonders if they are used in the correct quantity and manner. Products manufactured by my plant includes,

  • Toner
  • Night cream
  • Massage cream
  • Cleanser
  • Scrub
  • Moisturiser

Ingredients that will be used for the production of the above-mentioned items include,

  • Turmeric
  • Morinaga
  • Alovera

In addition to these materials, essential oils will also be used in the products. These oils include,

  • Tee tree oil
  • Palm oil
  • Coconut oil


To establish a manufacturing plant and start the manufacturing of products is a difficult task and can only be achieved by dividing it into manageable, small tasks such as following objectives,

  • Deciding name and policy for the manufacturing plant
  • Ordering machinery for the product manufacturing
  • Procuring natural ingredients from their natural habitat
  • Packaging of products
  • Distribution to other places for selling.


The use of natural materials as compared to chemicals is always benefitting and can be used over a longer period,

  • Natural ingredients do not provide instant results like chemicals.
  • The results are long-lasting.
  • Do not only change appearance but also affect the skin on a deeper tissue level.
  • Even if the cosmetics do not suit the skin, they will not cause any harm.
  • These cosmetics are cheaper as other branded cosmetics are made up of chemicals. Chemicals are expensive so they make whole products expensive.

Target audience

The key to making any business successful is its target audience. It is very important for the sake of business that the word reaches to right people. People, who will use these products and market them to their near and dear ones.

For cosmetics, the target audience is always women as they are fond of making themselves look better each day. More specifically, working women are the best target audience for skincare products as they have to apply make-up each day to work so they need to follow a good skincare routine daily to let their skin breathe.

Applying make-up daily can have very harmful effects on the skin as the chemicals disrupt the natural skin layer and can lead to acne or other problems. Therefore, it is important to take care of skin first and allow it to heal before applying make-up.

Marketing strategies

Good marketing strategies can change the whole dynamics of the business. Marketing strategies vary from product to product therefore, it is important to carefully choose a good marketing strategy. Some of the strategies that can be used include,

  • Fliers: Fliers can be pasted at different places such as malls, beauty salons, and other places where women gather and can read the fliers
  • Advertisement: Women are fond of watching television so advertisement of the products on television can also be a good strategy
  • Social media: Every other person uses social media, so Instagram and Facebook ads can be used to spread the word. Furthermore, special updates can be posted in specific women groups.
  • Beauty salons: Different beauty salons can be contacted and provided with the products. They are asked to use those products on customers and if reviews are good then they can be recommended to the customers.


Cosmetics Manufacturer Business Proposal

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