Project Cost Proposal Template

What is a project cost proposal?

This proposal is basically the estimated cost related to the probable project, which enables the investors to best estimate the funds that will be needed to support the work required for the project to be completed. A proposal usually consists of all the direct costs, services, and administrative costs, apart from the cost allocation related to the project. It may also work as a bid.

This proposal has several rationales other than giving the basic information of cost estimation of the project. On a basic point, it does give a complete note on all the cost allocation or expected expenditure.

Other than that, this proposal can allow prospective investors to make sure that the project is a success. Otherwise, they should alter the plan or can invest their money in some safe project instead.


Furthermore, this proposal is considered as a true picture of what lies ahead for the investor. People believe that because of it being in numbers, it is harder for the contractor to lie about the budget. So, this gives the pure or true picture of the project being a success or a disaster.

An initial cost estimate is drafted by the contractor to start negotiations and planning for the project. The cost proposal is written to provide an actual estimate of the project to the project provided.

The proposal should be designed by a skilled person who can carefully estimate the required expenses for the completion of the project.

A comprehensive proposal should contain:

  • All vital elements of a cost proposal
  • Overhead rate calculations
  • Non-allowable costs
  • Elements for the preparation of the audit
  • Common deficiencies in the proposal
  • Computation of indirect rates
  • Application of indirect rates
  • Cost breakdowns, trends, and budgetary data
  • Identification of all other important costs and pricing
  • The rationale for the proposed profit

How can the cost proposal template help you?

Whenever a proposal for the project is submitted, then cost estimates are also designed to submit the proposal for negotiation or planning. The cost proposal is a vital document for both parties because they make important decisions about the project.

The proposal should contain information about the cost estimates and different other options to reduce the cost. You can support your data with texts, graphics, and tables.

The standard form of drafting a project cost proposal is to start it with the name of the project that it refers to. After that, the date of the presentation must be mentioned. Then the project description should be given.

Make sure it is reasonable and covers all the required points like what is the project, why it is necessary, and what impact it will leave on the company. Then the period required to complete the project must be mentioned. This enables the investors to get an idea that how long will the project take before functioning.

Then the cost estimation should follow. It can be described in tabular form or any other format which is understandable by the common investors. Make sure to give a cost summary at the end in which any accounting jargon used above can easily be described. It should end with the name and title of the company along with the date.

The cost proposal template will help you to draft a cost proposal with professional details easily. The template is free and you can get desired results by replacing sample contents. Make sure to explain everything for the convenience of readers.

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