Dance Class Proposal Letter

What is dance class proposal letter?

It is a letter in which you propose your services for the initialization of dance classes in an institute. If you are a dance instructor who is eager to pass on his dance skills to other people, you must be able to write the proposal.

What is the purpose?

The purpose of this letter is to persuade the reader into accepting your offer for holding the dance class at the institute. When you write this letter, you should make sure that you have all those tools in hand that can help you persuade the reader and make him believe that you have the best offer for the institute.

Things to remember:

Below are some essential points to be kept in mind:

  1. The proposal letter should make an offer from your side to initialize the dance class you are interested in.
  2. The letter should be brief and to the point.
  3. It should be written in such a way that it becomes capable of inducing the need in the reader’s mind to accept your offer.

What should be included in the letter?

As a dance instructor, you should know what you should add to the letter to prove that have the best qualification and knowledge to hold a dance class. Some of the common details are:

Introduction of the dance instructor:

The dance teacher must come with the basic introduction in the letter. Here, he or she should tell the years of experience he or she has earned and a list of organizations she has worked in. In this part, the sender should try to come forward as a dedicated person who has a strong yen to teach people various dance moves in a professional way.

The qualification of the teacher:

The dance teacher should describe where she or he has earned the diploma of dance and teaching dance. This will have an impact on the mind of the reader and he will give consideration. In this area, the instructor should also tell about the area of specialization. This will tell the reader what kind of dance you are experienced in teaching. 

A formal proposal statement:

Here, the instructor should clearly state that he or she is ready to start the dance class. The charges for taking the class and details of the discounts if applicable should also be stated in this letter.

Close the letter formally:

In the end, tell the reader that you will be glad to hear from the recipient a positive answer.

Sample Proposal Letter for Dance Class:



Name of the institute

Subject: Proposal for dance class

I am Miss Rebecca, working as a dance instructor with extensive experience of 10 years. My area of specialization includes belly dance. It is not just a source of entertainment but it is also the best exercise for those who want to lose weight or belly fat.

Those people who want to be experts in belly dance must get training from an experienced person. I am adept at these dance movements and I believe that I am capable of making everyone learn this amazing dance type.

My charges are relatively lower than the rest of the dance instructors in the city. I charge only 80$ per hour to my trainees. In addition, I also offer discounts to institutions that hire me for teaching dance moves to numerous students in the form of a class.

I have completed my dance diploma from the New York Academy of dance.  I have continued to participate in the dance club for women in Chicago for 5 years. I am a very passionate person who is always driven to share my skill and knowledge with all those who want to learn from me. I believe that after learning from me, my students can at least be aware of the dance moves and best dance practices. 

I hope that you will consider me for dance services for your school. I am looking forward to your positive response. Feel free to contact me on (mention your phone number) to know more about my proposal.


Name of the sender.

Dance class proposal letter

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