Designer Proposal Letter Template

A proposal written by a designer wanting to sell his designing skills is referred to as a designer proposal. A designer proposal is one of the great marketing tools used by a designer.

The purpose of writing the designer proposal is to communicate the strategies of the designer to his prospective clients. The designer includes his experience and background relevant to the field of design.

It is very important for a designer to write a winning proposal so that the client can accept his offer. The proposal should be written professionally for grabbing the attention of the reader. The main guidelines for writing the winning proposal are:

  1. The proposal should include brief and relevant details. Many people write long and generic details in the proposal that make it very long. A long-written proposal can never be able to gain the attention and interest of the reader. So, it is advisable to keep the proposal short by adding only the most important and relevant details.
  2. If you are a fashion designer and you have some of the designed items that you want to sell, using a proposal is not recommended.
  3. Make sure that you include only general information in the proposal. Writing a generic proposal will save you from having to write the proposal every time you find your client. The best thing is to prepare a generic template and whenever you feel the need to send the proposal, simply customize the template and send it to your clients. Your client will feel like you have designed the proposal for him. He is more likely to accept your proposal after seeing your interest and passion for writing the proposal.
  4. Always keep this fact in mind that your only way to communicate with your client is through your proposal. Your client has not seen your website or your work. It is only the proposal that is visible to your client. The samples are usually shown in direct contact.

Consider the following points before drafting…

  1. Talk to your clients:

Writing an effective proposal requires you to get information about the likes and needs of your clients. Sometimes, the client does not write much in the description. You can obtain the required information by talking to your clients. You can ask them what they want you to do for you.

  1. Do research:

Once you have talked to your client, it’s time for you to write the proposal. A good proposal can only be written if you have obtained information about the client’s brand and its preferences. In order to get information about the brand, conduct research. This research will empower you to write a professional-looking proposal in a most relevant way

Structure your proposal:

The details to be added to the proposal should be mentioned in the sequence. For example, the summary of the proposal should be given at the start rather than the end because it is needed at the start.

Sample Template

Ellen John

Officer at XYZ Company

California, USA

Subject: Proposal letter for home remodeling

Dear Ellen,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and happiness. I am writing this letter to thank you for providing me the opportunity to remodel your ancestral home, located in the heart of the city. Our conversation over the phone and mail gave the idea that you did not like any design offered by local designers as they all want to demolish the house and construct a new one from the ground up.

I understand that you have sentimental values with that home as you grew up in that house and lived there with your family for almost 2 decades. You asked me to design a model that will keep the house intact but still give a new and modern look.

After our conversations, I conducted several meetings with my team and told them about your idea, and asked them to provide insight on this project. I also researched a lot to find the works of older designers, who worked on ancient homes and gave them a new look. After all this hassle, I have designed a model of your house and tried to keep the outlook of this home intact. The addition of a few items can work wonders if they are used properly and in a proper setting.

Some of the important changes to the house include,

  1. Keep the outer structure intact but give it a deep and thorough cleaning to make it look new.
  2. Changing outside windows to new windows with locks for enhancing security.
  3. Empty space present on all 4 sides will be turned into lawns and the ornamental plants will beautify them further.
  4. The major staircase of the house will be kept intact but the carpeting will be torn down and replaced with new polishing.
  5. The master bedroom requires major remodeling because everything is worn out and needs a replacement. It will be replaced with ancient doorknobs, windows, and an oak wood bed.
  6. All other rooms are in better condition but require a change of paint scheme, windows, and carpeting.
  7. The fireplace of the lounge requires an upgrade, but its structure will be intact after renovation and both sides of the fireplace will be filled with wood planks to complement the wall behind it.
  8. All the frames and antiques require a thorough cleaning by professionals who can handle antique items therefore, we will contact them and send them pieces.

I hope you will like this proposal as I have worked hard to fulfill all your requirements and make you happy with our services. This whole process of remodeling will require at least 6 months for completion, and we will also import some items from other countries to complement the old items.

I and my team are ready to move to your city and start work as soon as possible. We are just waiting for your approval of the proposal. I hope you will be satisfied with our suggestions and will give us the opportunity to remodel your home. We assure you that we will never let you down.


Eric Dane

ABC Designs

Contact: 739 489 466

Designer proposal template