Designing Proposal Template

The designing service proposal is a document prepared by an individual or a business that offers designing services. The designer can be a freelancer, a design agency, or another organization offering related services. This proposal, which includes information about designing services, is presented to a client (an individual or a company) who is interested in getting some designing work done.

In today’s world, designing services are often sought for branding, marketing materials, promotional advertisements, web illustrations, etc. For this purpose, specialists in this job are often approached, one, to gain the benefit from their expertise, and secondly, because not all the companies have separate designing departments or designers, so, designing tasks are often outsourced.

In order to catch the attention of these potential clients, the designers often prepare designing service proposals, with the relevant details of their expertise and services. It is a critical document as one can gain or lose a client on its basis. Therefore, when it is being prepared, the designers should keep few things in mind, such as:

  • The proposal is like a marketing tool that, if utilized effectively, can widen the client base.
  • The proposal needs to be formal, professional, and concise.
  • All the relevant details should be present to give a proper idea to the client about the offered services as well as the terms and conditions.
  • Any sample designing work or testimonials can be included to serve as evidence of good work. This can increase the probability of persuading the client and gaining the deal.
  • Misleading or incorrect information should be avoided.
  • If a template (self-created or freely available) is being used, the customization should be properly done based on the specific client’s requirements and demands.

When a designer is composing this proposal, he/she may choose different formats and include different details based on his skills as well as the client’s needs. However, generally, the following details are included in all the proposals:

  • Introduction
  • Testimonials, if any.
  • Company profile (may not be applicable in the case of a freelancer or an individual).
  • Details of designing services including pricing, software details, etc.
  • Sample designing work.
  • Expertise, experience, and designing skills.
  • Persuasion and competitive edge.
  • Benefits for the client in terms of meeting his needs with the designing services.
  • Terms and conditions of the contract, if signed.

If the client finds the proposal attractive enough, he would choose the designer and enjoy his services by paying him the agreed-on amount. After acceptance, the deal would be legally binding on both parties. On the other hand, if the proposal gets rejected, the designer’s time, money, and effort get wasted and he needs to seek other clients.

Usually, a designer works on various designing projects and provides designing services to various clients, simultaneously. However, the designing service provision is dependent on the scope and limitations of the designer or the designing agency. In addition, seeking clients is, often, a continuous process, and the proposals are prepared and submitted on a continuous basis. Nevertheless, sometimes designing service contracts keep on rolling and become a long-term commitment.

Sample Designing Proposal Template

Cover Letter

Dear [Name of Client Company],

Firstly, we would like to thank you for considering our company for your business needs. After thoroughly studying the requirements of [Name of Client Company], our team has come up with this proposal.

This proposal lists the process of our work, our work schedule for the project, the billing structure, and more. Please feel free to contact us for any queries, on our provided contact details.

To confirm the acceptance of this proposal, please sign in the provided spaces.

[Name of Service Provider Representative]
[Name of Service Provider]
[Email Address of Representative]
[Phone # of Representative]

Executive Summary

[Name of Client Company] is looking to re-invent their complete outlook, to provide a more up-to-date and well-maintained presentation of the company. [Name of Service Provider] has been working on such projects in the industry for over [Number] of years. Our previous work has provided us with experience and skill-building which is what helps our company maintain its good reputation in the industry. We hope to provide [Name of Client Company] with a similarly successful outcome as our previous projects.

Our team will be working together with [Name of Client Company] with [Date] as the expected completion date for this project. We will be working on:

[Project Description]

We hope to work successfully with your company.

Our Team

It is the duty of [Name of Service Provider] to provide the best team of designers for their clients. Therefore, your project has been assigned to [Name of Supervisor] and their team.

[Name of Supervisor] is one of our most well-reputed employees with a highly competent and efficient team. The team consists of [Description of team members].


According to the market trends and the current outlook of [Name of Client Company], the team has come up with various ideas to help [Name of Client Company] stand out against its competitors and attract more attention. [Description of strength and weaknesses of Client Company and how they can overcome].


Below are some of the previous projects [Name of Supervisor] and their team have worked on. You can also find more projects on our website: [Name].


It is quite a difficult task to harness creativity in a limited amount of time. However, in order to provide our clients with the best ideas and work, our teams have mastered these aspects of their jobs.

Our teams set clear milestones while working on projects. These milestones depend on the nature of the project. With the help of goals, our team can track their progress and stay focused on the tasks at hand. Below is the chart that has been created to give [Name of Client Company] an idea of how the project will be worked upon:


After reading through the requirements of [Name of Client Company], [Name of Service Provider] has created this table below to calculate the expected fees charged.


The clients are required to pay 50% of the complete fee in advance. While the other 50% of the fees are to be paid on the day the project is completed.


You are advised to ask for contractual changes before signing the contract. In case, you decide to make changes after the project has been initiated, you will be charged extra fees.


Signing in the space provided below will confirm your acceptance of this proposal. Please make sure to go through the terms and conditions of the proposal before signing the contract.

Service Provider

[Name of Service Provider]

Client Company

[Name of Client Company]


Designing proposal

Format: MS Word 2007/2010 [.doc & .docx]