Detailed Charity Concert Proposal

Project Summary

Project Title: Fundraising Event – “Musical Concert”
Target Group: Women Education in Developing Countries
Project Duration: September 2019-May 2020
Project Management: XYZ Care and Support Trust 

Executive Summary

We are looking forward to your company to be a part of our charity event as one of the sponsors. We are organizing a Musical Concert to raise funds for our NGO. Firstly, it will give us more exposure and popularity before the event and secondly it will benefit your company in a good way as well. We have a desire to raise awareness and solidarity with the girls and women, deprived of education, around the globe for the betterment of the world.

Organization Introduction

XYZ is an organization working for the rights and empowerment of women across the globe. Our vision is a world where power and resources are shared in a way that enables everybody to thrive and flourish with dignity, love, and respect. We raise funds for charitable purposes. We organize Shows, Concerts, Training, and loans for women and children across all under-developed countries.


Problem Statement

Education is a basic and fundamental part of our lives, in fact, it is one of the most important human rights. Unfortunately, in many developing countries, people do not see the importance of Women’s Education. One of the reasons is cost. Other factors that are added on are books, proper clothing, and all the necessary supplies needed. Moreover, depending on the location, transportation cost also feels like a burden to the caregivers.

In order to support these women, our organization collects charity throughout the year, from different events and the money generated, is spent to support women education in these under-developed countries. We reach out to you in order to gain your support in sponsoring the concert which will be held in Chicago, in August.

List of wares that need sponsorship

  • Venue rental
  • Stage décor
  • Artist Fee
  • Marketing

Project Goal/Objective

We would like to highlight this issue and raise charity for underprivileged women and girls so they can easily exercise their right to education. We want powerful women to share encouraging stories and raise awareness. Together we can empower women globally for our future generations.

This event will serve as a platform for raising the funds we need. It will give exposure to the community of our services and their benefits.

Action Plan

  • We have arranged a Musical Concert, which will include Arts and Cultural stalls as well. Also, our different sponsors and stakeholders can place their stalls and promote their merchandise.
  • Snacks and drinks will be bought through vouchers.
  • Tickets will be available online and through our sponsors.

Event Highlights

Type:   Charity Musical Concert

Date:    28th August 2019

Venue: Concord Music Hall,

Time:   6:00pm – 11:00 pm

Attire:   Formal

Food:   Continental

Guests: Approximately 1500 guests


  • Pop Singer Alicia Keys will be presenting her songs.
  • Guitarist Anna Lawson will also perform.
  • A Turkish Artist by the name of Nina Ahlaan will give a traditional performance.
  • Local traditional dancers will also be showcasing their talents.


The concert will be held in Concord Music Hall, Chicago, Illinois. It is a great place for live music. It is perfect for fundraising events for up to 1600 people.

Ticket Price

Three types of tickets will be available.

VIP Tickets

The total number of VIP tickets will be 480.

Price: $500

General Admission

The total number of General tickets will be 1120.

Price: $250

Virtual Tickets

People will be able to watch the concert online.

Price: $20

Virtual ticket revenue will be added to the total revenue after the event.

Event Schedule 

Opening Ceremony       –           6:00 pm

First performance         –           7:00pm

Speaker                        –           8:00pm

Second Performance     –           8:30pm

Third Performance        – 9:30 pm

Finale                           –           11:00pm


We will publish ads in the local newspaper and Daily magazines. Flyers will be distributed in the nearby areas and in local hypermarkets. Also, we will run ads on Social media, Television and Radio. We will place ad banners on the internet to make people aware of the event.

Expected Outcome

We expect to raise more than $500,000/- in revenue. 85% of the net proceeds will be contributed to fund the cause. A similar event was conducted in 2016 and our organization raised $400,000/- in revenue.

Project Phases

Phases Name Description Time frame
Phase 1: Sponsor’s onboarding Reaching out to multiple sponsors and getting their acknowledgment to fund the project 6-9 months
Phase 2:


Conduct the Event   August
Phase 3: Allocation of the collected Revenue Collected resources.

Travel across 4 countries to fund the education of needy women with the help of local NGOs

6 months

December 2019-May 2020

Your commitment is important to strengthen and support global funds for women’s rights. We hope to hear from you soon.


Mary Martha

Project Manager

XYZ Care and Support Trust

Contact number: 454-111111


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