Digital Marketing Consultant Proposal Letter

A digital marketing consultant proposal letter is a document that is prepared by an individual or an organization that is offering consultancy services for digital marketing. It is addressed to the client organization which is either seeking such service or may get interested in one.

In this letter, the organization explains its proposal to the client and convinces him of the benefits that the client would be able to avail of if he signs the contract.

This document is usually attached with a comprehensive consultancy proposal and provides a gist of what is contained in the proposal. As it helps the client in knowing if he is interested, it results in the saving of time for the organization as well as the client.

In addition, it also provides a platform for the organization to market itself, and advertise its expertise and achievements. By stating its competence, the organization can convince the client, and woo him to make a deal.

When this letter is being prepared, the following factors should be considered:

  • The letter needs to be interesting and attractive enough to gain the client’s attention.
  • All the details present should be correct and valid.
  • The convincing arguments need to be strong.
  • The requirements of the organization, as well as the client, should be fulfilled in the service offerings.
  • The tone of the letter needs to be formal, polite, and convincing. Any candid statement should be avoided.

While keeping in mind the above factors, and the service offerings, the length and content of such letters may vary. However, generally, the following details are included in these letters:

  • Date.
  • Client details.
  • Consultant details.
  • The details of the proposal of consultancy services, including the financial aspect.
  • Experience, expertise, and achievements.
  • State benefits.
  • Convincing statements.
  • State any offers.
  • Mention any documents attached.
  • Show hope for a positive response.

Sometimes, the client is seeking digital marketing consultancy services, and when he would receive this letter, he would analyze it, along with the detailed proposal, and make his decision based on the probably associated advantages.

However, in certain scenarios, the consultant might approach the client, even without the client’s request. In such a case, if the client gets impressed by the letter, and deems he will be benefited, he may still consider the proposal.


I am writing this letter to propose my digital marketing consultancy services to your company ABC Limited.

I worked in the marketing field for ten years, and then switched to its branch of digital marketing as a consultant in 2015. Since then, I have been providing my consultancy to big names in the market. The list is presented in the detailed proposal attached. I have gained an insight into the online customer demands as well as have gained a strong grasp on the tactics to handle the tough customers.

I am proposing a one-year contract, and I will be serving as the digital marketing consultant for your firm. I will train your marketing department for effective handling of online customers as well.

As social media has gained its power in recent years, it has become essential for organizations to make their customers happy and minimize their negative reviews. During my work experience, I have been able to increase the five-star ratings of my clients by 85%.

As it is going to be a first-time experience with your company, I will offer a 15% discount, which makes per month charges to be $[X].

Awaiting your positive response. Thank you.


Jennifer Smith.

Digital marketing consultant proposal letter