Electrical Services Proposal Template

Organizations particularly those working on a large scale often hire individuals who provide them with electrical services. These types of services are generally rendered by every individual. Many companies offer electrical service providers to come forward and quote the price of the services they provide. These companies then hire the individual who has the most appropriate quote.

What is the electrical services proposal?

Electrical services proposal is prepared by services providers when they want to quote for their services. The professionals who can write this proposal include the electrician, engineer, contractors, etc.

How to write the electrical services proposal?

  1. Just like any proposal, this proposal should also include the details about the company sending this proposal. The main details include the name, contact details, address logo, and a lot of details.
  2. In order to write an effective proposal, it is very important for a service provider to know about the goals and targets the hiring company wants to achieve. This makes it easier for the service provider to draft the proposal.
  3. The proposal should tell the client why it is useful for them to hire the individual for rendering electrical services. The entire description of the job, cost of services as well as the terms and conditions are mentioned in this proposal
  4. The proposal should be written in such a way that it can attract the clients and compel them to prefer your proposal over other’s proposals.
  5. The proposal should also include the benefits one can avail of after rendering the services of the electrical services provider.

Electrical services proposal template:

This proposal template is available on our website. You can download this template free of cost. The template provides a ready-to-use format and the electrical services proposal. All the user needs to do is add his details to the proposal. This template provides a complete layout of the proposal. So, the people who don’t know much about the format can download the template to take help while creating their own electrical services proposal from scratch.


Sample Proposal Template

Carl Hooper
ABC School
Chicago, Illinois

15th May 20XX

Dear Mr. Hooper,

XYZ is submitting this proposal for the electrical work to be done on the new campus of ABC school. Please have a look at the proposal and let us know if you have any questions. If you wish to add something to it, let us know. We will send you the signing contract, once we have reached an agreement.


For over 20 years, ABC Company has provided excellent electrical services and solutions for organizations and commercial clients in Chicago. We have successfully completed thousands of projects for grocery shops, retail centers, offices, churches, schools, banks, and technical companies. We stand by our work and guarantee excellent quality and materials. We adhere to safety standards and meet all safety regulations of the state.

Executive Summary

The XYZ School has been providing excellent academics to students for the past 10 years. The new campus is being constructed and XYZ will provide electrical service solutions for this new branch of the school in West Town, Chicago. Our top priority is to provide the best quality with guaranteed perfection. We oversee each and every step carefully from the start to the end. Electrical installation will surely meet the National Electrical Code and local electrical codes.


We provide Industrial Services and Commercial services of design, built and repair of electrical.

We specialize in the following:

  • Troubleshooting and repairing of industrial AC/DC motors
  • CAD motor logic designing as well as installation
  • Electrical repairing and maintenance
  • High voltage equipment testing and installations
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Maintenance and emergency services

For new constructions, additions, and improvements, we provide the following services

  • Design/Build – Permit drawings
  • New Lighting Installations and Upgrades
  • Troubleshooting and repairing of existing Electrical Systems
  • Upgrade of existing Electrical Service and Distribution
  • Installation of Emergency Systems
  • Installation of Generator and UPS
  • Parking Lot lighting Installations & Repairing

Proposed Plan

We will compete with the electrical service within 25 business days. We plan to do the following steps:

  • Install and Troubleshoot circuitry.
  • Install branch circuits of 220 volts.
  • Install motors of 220 volts.
  • Install transformers up to 200KV.
  • Place fluorescent lights and lamp fixtures in all rooms and hallways. Install Exterior Fixtures.
  • Place three-phase breakers.
  • Place light switches and receptacles in all rooms and a lighting control system in the store.
  • Install exhaust fans in toilets and cafeteria.


The initial cost of this project will be approximately $6000. This does not include paint and concrete.

Name Quantity Description Cost
Permit Fee Acquire the permit to start the project $800
Ground Service Installation of Ground Rod for electrical service. $200
Transformer 1 200KV $400
Install fixtures 200 Install fixtures with switches, wires, and other equipment. $1100
100 AMP Service 3 Breaker $400
Install 20A, 220V Receptacles 200 Install new receptacle and include new marked circuit breaker $300
Fluorescent 4’, 2 Light, Ceiling 500 Install a new 2-light fluorescent fixture with 4’ long (32 watts) tubes. $1500
Install Exhaust Fan 5 Install new automatic exhaust fan. Including switches, all wiring, framing, ductwork, and brickwork. $300
Service, Setup, and mobilization charges   $1000
Monthly ongoing charges   $500


We will provide our electrical services and maintenance to your school for 1 year, and later on, hopefully, we will renew the contract.

Terms and Conditions

  • The prices mentioned in the proposal are valid till 6 months from today.
  • Full payment shall be made on the contract signing date.
  • All material and equipment supplied by XYZ will be warranted by the manufacturer. This applies to the electrical installation of the fixtures, material, equipment, and other supplied items.
  • All the documents will be available to ABC for monitoring and audit purposes.
  • All work will be done between 7 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday, excluding official holidays.
  • Once the contract is signed, either party can terminate the contract, prior to any installation.


  • All the materials used in this project will be defect-free.
  • Our company is registered with the Bureau of Consumer Protection and we will maintain this registration throughout the project.
  • We will submit a periodic progress report and an annual affirmative action plan to ABC.
  • All the waste created by XYZ contractors will be disposed-off of in specific areas as instructed by the company.

James Harrison

Electrical Services
Phone: [phone]
E-mail: [email]
Website: [website]



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