Employee Training Program Proposal Letter

Re. Employee Training Program

Dear Mr./Ms. [NAME], employers are the omnipotent of the organization and thus, they are expected to do everything for the company under the sun. One of the most important things to do is to scrutinize your employees and their performance first-hand.

It is encouraged that the employer must interfere in the organizational matters by himself and look into the performance of the employees. The performance of the employees is also seen through the lens of supervisors and their seniors. Moreover, performance appraisals are drafted to examine the employees’ performance and the task is ample to judge the performance.


To amplify the performance of the employees, we have introduced a training program that includes professional and skillful learning, communication skills enhancement, learning of digital marketing, and personal grooming.

In this program, we aim to train the employees in the new trends of digital marketing, technology, and creating a digital ambiance of work. Moreover, the training session includes employees’ interaction with key speakers who will talk to the employees about business ideas and increased the expansion of effective content management and communication.

The program will increase the productivity of the employees and will boost their knowledge and confidence by developing client relations and public speaking in the training. This training will make the employees excel in the presentational skills and communication skills.

The training shall start from [DATE] and end on [DATE]. The training sessions will be online. It will be a one-hour session thrice a week. Timings of the sessions will be negotiated and are flexible. To conduct this program, an estimated cost of $[X] is anticipated with minimal differences.

Please submit your response to the proposal letter before [DATED]. The response must be in the form of an email and sent to the official email address of the company. If you find anything problematic, please contact our client coordinator at [PHONE] or [EMAIL]. Thank you for considering our services.

Letter -2

Re. Employee Training Proposal Letter on the RFP Submitted on [DATE].

Dear Mr. [NAME],

The letter serves as a proposal letter. With respect to the above-mentioned subject, I am adding the details to the employee training program as a short proposal. Please look into the details thoroughly, study the plan from every aspect, and let us know your response. On the confirmation of proposal approval, further proceedings to conduct the training session shall be initiated.

Our team consisting of six members shall work on the training sessions in which two of the staff members work in helping in maintaining and organizing. One of the team members shall work as a training assistant in which he will execute the program management by providing a comfortable ambiance for training, designing and distributing modules for training sessions, and distributing different kinds of testers to assess the employees’ prior knowledge.

The team will have three senior trainers who shall also conduct different sessions at different times and educate the employees on the importance of effective communication, payroll management, human resource management, and effective recruitment procedures.

This training program will ultimately benefit the company by increasing the knowledge, expertise, and productivity of the employees. This will be a one-week training program which will be conducted from 10 AM to 4 PM with a one-hour lunch break. Lunch shall be provided by the training organizing team and tea shall be served after training sessions every day. The training program will be held in [PLACE]. Thus, the training program is estimated to cost $[X].

A document with the terms and conditions has been attached. Not all the employees shall be given this training, only shortlisted by the Chief Executive Officer of the company shall be taken into this program. Therefore, you are requested to speak to your CEO and ask for shortlisting the candidates before the deadline of response i.e. [DATE].

Please call us if you find any proposal statement problematic with the program and work plan. The program plan is flexible and can be amended with certain changes if needed. Please do not hesitate to add if required. Thank you for considering our services.

Employee Training Program Proposal Letter