English Club Proposal Letter

I am Steward Pill from High Noon Publishers, USA. I have been working as a manager in the High Noon Publishing House since 2010. With reference to the visit to your school of Linguistics, I am submitting my proposal to form an English Club on the premises of the university.

English as a language keeps vital importance in being an international language. It has been witnessed that the students of the university do not give much attention to the consideration of grammatical rules and principles of linguistics in general terms and communication.

To better the situation, we are submitting our proposal to form an English club at the university. The club will develop good communication skills in the students keeping the grammatical rules into consideration which will aid them in their careers in the fields of language, business, communication, and teaching.

The club will teach the students language and skills in casual sittings which will be practiced more in the classrooms. Students after befriending themselves with the members of the English club will flourish in this forte.

The foreign students can also get themselves registered and join the club. This way non-native English Speakers would also learn the language and thus a culture would be flourished and put forward.

I have enclosed all the documents required for the club formation, I request you to please have a look at them and accept the proposal. This venture of cooperation and coordination can meet good ends. I assure you of the cooperation of our publishing house in this regard in providing relevant books and other material of study along with computers and PCs.

I declare that all the information mentioned is correct and nothing has been rendered to mislead. Moreover, we shall act completely under the rules and terms mentioned. Please respond to this proposal as soon as possible. You can contact us at our email address [email]. Thank you.


Steward Pill, High Noon Publishing House, California, USA

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Re: Proposal for Formation of English Club

Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter aims to submit to you a proposal on the formation of an English Club in the Silver Stone Corner of the Library which has been unoccupied since the UK Ambrine Contract was withheld.

A Library is a place where members or people come from every educational background. This diversity can best be used in the formation of an English Club which is seen as a cultural progression. Language is best learned through practice and casual chats on specific topics.

In this club following exercises can be done to enhance the language practice and ability endurance of speaking correctly and fluently

  • Practice sheets
  • Practice tests
  • Public speaking practice
  • Group discussions in English
  • Mock interviews in English
  • Research tools in English
  • Movies, songs, and documentaries for familiarization

Foreigners can also join the club to learn the English language without any discrimination. This will produce a workforce, internship programs, conference conduction, and a good deal of revenue and finance too.

We hereby declare to provide furniture and stationery for the club activities along with hearing devices to improve listening skills. It is also proclaimed that no provided information is false, forged, or misleading. Please find the terms and conditions and other details of this proposal enclosed. We are looking forward to your response. You can email us at [email] or dial [X] to fulfill any query. Thank you.


Steward Pill, Good Reads Publishing House, California, USA

English club proposal letter