Equipment Rental Proposal

What is the equipment rental proposal?

An equipment rental proposal is a document that is sent to the person who is the owner of the equipment. The purpose of sending this proposal is to convince the equipment owner into renting the equipment.

Importance of renting the equipment:

When you want the equipment to run any operation, you can ask the equipment owner for renting the equipment. For example, you may need to take the construction-related equipment on rent for a construction project you are running. In most cases, it is not a good practice to buy the equipment because you may not need the equipment afterward once the project is complete. In such a situation, renting equipment is a good idea.

Renting the equipment means getting possession of the equipment temporarily for a specific period of time. You are required to pay the specified amount of rent against this possession.


Benefits of using the rental proposal:

The key benefits a person can avail after writing the equipment rental proposal are:

  1. This proposal can convince the equipment owner to give possession of the equipment to you instead of any other person. However, this requires you to write the proposal in a compelling way
  2. The proposal clearly states your purpose of asking for renting the equipment and the amount of rent you are willing to pay. In this way, all the details regarding renting the equipment are explained in this equipment renting proposal.

Sample Proposal Template

To: Lenny Johnson
ABC Enterprises Limited

From: XYZ
Equipment and Machinery Rentals
California, CA

20th June 20XX


XYZ is one of the best construction equipment and machinery rental in California, USA. Our construction equipment includes crawler cranes, excavators, wheel excavators, and dumper trucks. The machinery includes hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, transit mixers, compactors, motor graders, and cranes, which are highly suitable for commercial as well as residential construction projects. We are trusted by many renowned companies and real estate developers.

All equipment supplied by us is in the reliable hands of our qualified and trained technicians. Our company also deals with client Company’s repair and maintenance work. Our aim is to guarantee client satisfaction with dependable delivery. The details of our services are provided below:

  1. Heavy Equipment Rental Services: We provide various equipment for different models and weights.
  • Mobile Cranes
  • Man lifts & Boom Lifts
  • Air Compressors
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Forklifts & Material Handling
  • Pumps
  • Generators
  • Recovery Vehicles
  1. New/Used Equipment Sales
  2. New/Used Equipment Repair and Maintenance
  3. Transportation vehicle rental services
  4. Training Services: XYZ provides consultancy and technical assistance for the selection of the right equipment for the required job. The training program covers the basic operational and maintenance aspects of the equipment.
  5. Generators, Compressors with periodic maintenance services.


Today, renting construction equipment has really increased in popularity, and the main reason is its cost-effectiveness. Purchasing brand new equipment is extremely expensive. The rising cost of materials, labor, and equipment affects the business profitability, hence rental solutions are a good choice. As your company needs to construct a parking area in front of the AAA office building, our company can provide you the required equipment at a reasonable rental cost. Some of the benefits of renting equipment are mentioned below:

  • Availability of machinery, which you may not want to buy.
  • Getting the right size and type of equipment for the right job.
  • Rent for cost-effective solutions
  • Do not bother about the maintenance, storage, or service costs.


XYZ offers rental equipment on flexible terms and at reasonable prices. We adapt to our client’s needs and job site requirements. We strive for quality and punctuality through our methodologies. We regularly update and upgrade our products to keep up with technological advancements. Our trained technicians and qualified mechanics and engineers are the lifelines of our company.

Besides equipment rentals, we also provide our trained machine operators. These dedicated individuals ensure that our entire fleet of rental equipment is always kept in excellent working condition and runs smoothly. Our team of consultants will provide you all the technical advice and support you need to make sure you rent the exact equipment your business requires.


Our inspector will review the equipment required by your company after visiting the site and ensure that the site is ready for construction and whether the vehicles can enter and exit the site safely. Also, he will assess whether the movement of the vehicle in and around the site is planned.

Rental Cost

We are providing the rental costs of the equipment that you would be needing at the parking lot construction site:

Equipment Model Price /week Security Deposit
Bulldozers 850M $1,255 $1,000
Skid loader SV185 $860 $800
Wheel Loaders 721F $1,880 $1,500
Vibratory rollers


DV210 $1,200 $1,200
Motor graders 836C $2,000 $1,500
Vibratory soil SV212 $1,400 $1,000
         Compactors CS44 $800 $500


Rental period

The rental period will start from the day the equipment is transported from our warehouse to the site, till the day the equipment is returned.


All the rental payables shall be weekly paid in advance at our company’s address or account. It shall be paid before the delivery of the equipment on the site and must be carried on thereafter on a weekly basis.

Security deposits

ABC shall deposit the security deposit amount mentioned above in the table, before renting the equipment.

Maintenance and Repair

XYZ will be responsible for all the equipment provided. The cost and charges incurred in the operation and maintenance of the equipment during the rental period will also be covered by our company.


During the contract term, our company will provide commercial insurance for all the equipment. We are a certified company by the Bureau Veritas.

Worker’s Compensation

Our company shall provide and maintain worker’s compensation insurance in accordance with California laws. The minimum limit of liability coverage will be $1,000,000, covering our employees engaged in any construction work.

Commercial General Liability

During the contract term, comprehensive general liability insurance will be provided and maintained. This insurance will protect our company and the Department of Transportation from claims for accidental death, injury, or property damages that may arise from malfunctioning the equipment.


Automobile Liability Insurance will also be provided which will include liability coverage, covering all company-owned vehicles.

Terms and conditions

  • XYZ will be responsible for providing transportation for all the equipment to and from the construction site.
  • The Rental shall be on a weekly basis in accordance with the rates provided above.
  • 60% of the payment shall be made at the time of acceptance of the proposal.
  • The remaining payment shall be made at project closing.


Equipment Rental Proposal

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