Ethnic Food Restaurant Business Proposal

I have been working with [X] Restaurant for eight years. It is a very well-known restaurant situated in the hub of the city, therefore, always have a huge line of customers in the waiting area. Food is exceptional and is very loved by the customers. I joined this restaurant when I came to the city from Pakistan because I was very fond of cooking. I did not know how to cook western food but I always wanted to work at a restaurant.

Currently, I am in the department of starters and working well for myself. There is a huge team of chefs and other staff working at the restaurant like chefs for soups, salads, main courses, and desserts. Restaurants are run by hundreds of employees working tirelessly to entertain all customers and maintain the environment of the restaurant. Customers from different backgrounds come to enjoy food and give good reviews.

I have always been fond of my own culture and its food. Working for this restaurant has never dulled my taste buds of spicy food and I always keep searching for eateries that provide spicy food. I have been fond of hygienic street food and always trying my hand at it. Recently, I came up with the idea of opening my own restaurant that provides ethnic food to Pakistani people living abroad and always craving something full of spices. I have designed an entire proposal and attached the following letter.

Looking forward to your reply.


Chef at ABC Restaurant


Ethnic food is defined as the food that originated from the culture or heritage of a specific ethnic group, who use their knowledge of local ingredients obtained from different plant and animal sources. For instance, Maori food from New Zealand, Hindu food from India are all ethnic foods. Thus, in other words, any food can be described as ethnic food which is culturally and socially accepted by the consumers outside of the specific group.

For example, Korean food, Pakistani food, Greek food are all considered ethnic food, outside their country. Nowadays, people do not eat for filling their stomachs instead, they eat for pleasure or to satisfy their taste buds with different cuisine each day. People prefer to taste ethnic food of different cultures because it provides a different experience as compared to their own food. In addition, food of different religions is also considered as ethnic food e.g., Muslim cuisine, Christian cuisine fall under the umbrella of ethnic food.

People from different countries are always eager to introduce their ethnic food to people from the world because of the food of the use of local ingredients and the creativity that it brings to the food. Each ethnic dish has a different story and represents the history of its country and how it is loved by the local people.

There have been numerous stories where people move abroad and open ethnic food chains that do not only facilitate their own countrymen but also give a taste of their culture to the foreigners. Therefore, after much thinking, I have decided to open an ethnic food restaurant solely based on the street food of Pakistan which is very much loved by everyone due to its spices and the hard work that goes into creating it to perfection. Street food has a different vibe from other food because of its huge consumption and variety.


Establishing a business from the core, on foreign land, without any help is a very difficult task as it requires determination, finances, knowledge of the field, and many connections. Thinking on an idea is very easy but to work on it and make it happen is a hard nut to crack. The task can be accomplished by following the objectives given,

  • Hiring a place in a moderately populated area for the opening of a restaurant. Not only visitors but housewives are also fond of street food.
  • Deciding name and policies for carrying out operations.
  • Looking for foodie countrymen to help in the kitchen as only fellow country people will be able to create the taste of ethnic food.
  • Purchasing furniture and other ornaments to decorate the sitting and waiting area of the restaurant.
  • Buying cutlery, utensils, machinery, crockery for serving and cooking food
  • Searching for places to buy authentic spices that bring out the original taste of ethnic food.
  • Making commitments with fruits, vegetables, and meat vendors for a daily supply of fresh items.
  • Hiring staff for various restaurant chores i.e., cleaners, receptionist, manager, servers, and delivery me.
  • Deciding a menu for the restaurant which is liked by all.
  • Getting reviews of the public by offering free food to specific groups before official restaurant opening.
  • Using excellent marketing techniques for spreading the news of ethnic food restaurants.


Every business requires a specific skill set for running it and finally making it successful. Skill sets may vary from business to business but are very crucial for the sustenance of a business. Following skill set may help in becoming a successful restaurateur,

  • Communication skills take you a long way in a business that requires a lot of dealing with customers. It helps in building connections and put an overall positive effect on the person.
  • Knowledge of ingredients and how they add flavor to the food is very crucial as it can never be taught anywhere. It comes with interest in what you do and how to make it even better.
  • Leadership qualities help in managing a huge team of staff working for you. It is important to provide a safe and friendly working environment to the staff regardless of their race or religion.
  • Managing various tasks at one time happens for every owner and it can only be tackled by exceptional management qualities.


Ethnic Food Restaurant Business Proposal