Event Management Proposal Templates

The fast-paced life has left people with little time to arrange their events themselves which has in turn grown the demand for event management companies or event organizers. The emergence of numerous competitors in the market has increased the need to fight for gaining clients through various promotional ways which include an event management proposal as well.

An event management proposal is a document prepared by an event management company to illustrate all the details, offerings, and services. This document is presented to the clients so that they can get the required information and choose the event management company for their event. The proposal is designed as a marketing tool to promote business and attract clients. It indicates the skills, experience, and strength of the company to the potential client.

A well-designed event management proposal can help the company to beat the competition and receive a maximum number of event orders. Therefore, while preparing the proposal, it is very important to:

  • Understand the needs and wants of the clients.
  • Match the company’s strengths with the client’s requirements.
  • Indicate the company’s competitive advantage.
  • Give the client a reason to choose your company over the competitors.
  • Document and present the stated information in a proper, formal, and professional manner.
  • Avoid any misleading and incorrect information.

The format of the event management proposal may vary from company to company as well as the requirements of the clients. The basic information covered in a proposal includes:

  • Details of the event management company.
  • Details of the client.
  • Executive summary/introduction.
  • Company profile.
  • Testimonials
  • Competitive edge.
  • Team expertise and skills.
  • Offerings and services.
  • Event details.
  • Budgeting, costs, and prices.
  • Persuasion and attraction to select your company.
  • Terms and conditions.

The event management proposal is designed in a professional and proper way, can make a business deal possible between the company and the client which highlights the significance of thoroughness it requires in its preparation.

Usually, a company develops a template for its proposals or even selects and customizes an available template as per its requirements. After that, for every client, the template is modified based on the client’s requirements and event details. Having this template reduces the time and effort of the company as it gives the basic format for the proposal which can easily be customized when a new client is to be approached.

Once the proposal is presented to the client, he can see its feasibility for his event. If he perceives the costs and terms acceptable, he would choose the event management company and sign the legally binding contract. On the other hand, if the proposal is not acceptable and negotiable, the client would reject the proposal. However, usually, the companies try utmost not to lose the clients to the competitors and try to negotiate and modify the contract to the extent that is possible and practical for them.

Sample Template

Name of Organization ‘The Event Corp’.

Introduction: ‘who you are’,

The Event Corp is a small privately-owned organization whose sole purpose is to help plan the best events for their clients. Planning events can be stressful for the hosts. There are many aspects to an event which the hosts have to decide carefully. For example, food catering is actually a very hard task to decipher as it depends on what kind of occasion the event is being held for.

For formal business events, a host needs to keep in mind the fact that some food items can be a hassle to eat while making conversation. Therefore, dishes also known as dry finger foods are the best choice. They are small in size and can be eaten comfortably while talking to other people, without making a mess.

Similarly, creating a seating plan for an occasion such as a wedding is a quite complex job. As it is a very important day for the bride and groom, any disagreement during the event can be upsetting for the couple. Hence, it is advised to create a seating plan which helps lessen the chances of an argument.

With many more aspects of event planning to take care of, The Event Corp provides the best team to help you produce and direct the event that meets your expectations.

Best Services Available: ‘what services you can provide’

Our first service, on which we built up our ‘The Event Corp’ was helping the hosts in making arrangements for their events. We call it ‘Event Assistance’. Through this service, our clients basically hand over all the ready-made decisions while we take care of arranging those decisions, for example, calling the catering services of the host’s choice and booking their services.

This also helped our organization in gaining experience and making contacts. Now our services have been upgraded and over the course of time, we have been able to build up our workforce. Our services now include photography, videography, food catering and décor of the event, disc jockey, and event planners.

Unique Selling Point: ‘what you are good at?’

Since our business was established, we have had the pleasure of working with a variety of people who belong to different cultures and ethnicities. Similarly, Event Corp has been the first choice as the event manager for a variety of events. Whether the event is traditional or not, our job is to only provide our clients with the best services and help them in any way possible.

The Event Corp has established a wide range of contacts which helps provide a variety of options for the clients to choose from. Whether it is food catering or décor of the event, we make sure our customers are provided with the services of their choice.

Competitive Advantage: ‘how you can do it better than others?’

Our business provides the most skilled and well-mannered workforce for our clients. They are regularly given briefings regarding the security and work ethics to ensure, the employees are well-aware of their own and also the client’s rights. We, here at The Event Corp, make sure to provide for both our employees and the clients a comfortable environment to ensure good communication. This communication is what leads to the best outcomes in the form of successful events.


We believe in providing our clients with the best services at inexpensive prices. Special readymade packages have been created for our clients.

However, we allow our clients to form their own packages and even book individual services.


You can find our complete portfolio on our website (Website).

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