Facebook Ads Proposal Sample Template

Thank you for contacting our company for the XYZ Facebook advertisement campaign requirements. We provide contemporary solutions with digital marketing techniques that guarantee quality traffic to the company’s web page and increased social media presence.

As [XYZ] Decor offers premium decor products, we would like to offer our marketing and consultancy services to XYZ and in regard to that, we have prepared a proposal. We think that we can help you promote your goods with the digital engagement of more potential buyers by placing ads on Facebook.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us.


Thank you,
Mary Marlin

Facebook Advertisement Proposal for XYZ

Executive Summary

Facebook advertisement nowadays is an effective and influential method for personal and business marketing of one’s brand. Millions of people use Facebook every instant, and it is easy to reach them in less time. People using Facebook interact with the advertised brand and are more likely to click on Ads to view the details. By advertising on Facebook can increase Company’s traffic significantly and hence can boost sales or can add more awareness to the branding.

Company Introduction

XYZ is a Facebook advertisement and management company founded back in 2010 in Sydney, Australia. We have hired professional and experts that have expertise in designing Facebook Ads and excels on running advertisement campaigns. We offer services in creating great visual Ads that users interact with and are more likely to get engaged with. We help our clients to reach their audience and get their business promoted to the next level. We offer our services at very competitive prices and there is no doubt we serve our clients in an exceptional way.


Our services include the following:

  • Facebook Ads Content
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Branding and Campaigns
  • Ads Creation
  • Influencer Marketing


Our team of specialists will look into the business more closely once the companies have finalized the arrangement, but we are suggesting a tentative approach towards upscaling the advertisement and marketing to achieve maximized outcome:

Database: We will look through the XYZ client list and data and extract as much information as possible to match the users on Facebook. This will give us an edge in the process.

Locality: We will place Facebook ads for specified areas and locations that will aim for our target audience.

Demographics: We will be targeting the age group of 25-55 years old people, all genders, and all languages speaking individuals using Facebook. This effective marketing can be done conveniently through the social media platform of Facebook.

Detailed Targeting: We will also target new people, who have not yet heard about XYZ. We will be done by monitoring the behavior, interests, and demographics of these users.


We believe that the whole process of starting this ad campaign will take one month. Although the Facebook advertisement is a continuous on-going process, which depends on the trends and the response of the customers, our customer service department will be in touch with your company to train and maintain the ads for the next 6 months after the launch of the campaign.


Our team will look deep into the business working to align the perfect Facebook ad to achieve optimized results. They will gather all details about previous activities on the website. Also, the team will research the competitors so that they can create an ad that stands out and makes the best impression.

Time: 1 week


The developers will start making a mock-up of the ad for your company’s approval. They will identify the best area for the placement of the ads.

Time: 1-2 weeks

Analyze Results

The performance of the ad placement will be checked through testing with a live audience.

Time: 6-8 days

Campaign launch

After the design has been finalized, the ads will be placed on the social media platform.

Time: 1-2 weeks


We will be constantly monitoring the ad metrics to monitor our campaign, such as how many likes the XYZ Facebook page is getting on a daily basis, how many people are engaging with the content, etc. We will publish a bi-monthly report and present it to the authorities at XYZ.

Time: 6 months


The Home Decor industry has grown immensely over the past few decades. In this competitive market, an attractive advertisement is essential for conveying the message to the right audience. Social media Advertisement is one of the most popular and powerful communication mediums. People respond to interactive visuals much faster. Internet users always actively participate in social media activities looking for their desired products. Placing ads on Facebook is going to be a great boost for the business because of the immediate access to a greater audience. These company ads will appear on the right side of Facebook on desktops, desktop Newsfeed, and mobile Newsfeed.


Facebook advertisement is beneficial in many ways:

  • It is ideal for growing the XYZ Decor business.
  • It increases engagement and influence in the social media community and creates an impact on its users.
  • It helps in having an effective digital advertisement campaign.


For XYZ Décor Company, we suggest using the cost-per-click method because it is a home décor shop and the items attract different types of people. The charges will be as follows:

Cost-per-click: $0.24/click

If you are inclined towards the second method, cost-per-1000 ad views, the charges will be as follows:

Cost-per-1000 click $0.60

This cost is in addition to the following:

Research -$500/-
Development -$2,000/-
Launch -$1,000/-
Monitoring $300/month


  • Our company agrees to put their best effort into this project.
  • Our company has Professional liability insurance as well as Cyber Insurance in case a cyber-attack occurs and corrupts the databases.

Terms and conditions

  • We expect XYZ to provide all the needed information for us to carry out the campaign.
  • This agreement shall be in accordance with the law of the State.
  • 50% of the initial payment will be deposited in the ABC account after the signing of the contract between the companies.
  • The remaining 50% payment shall be paid upon completion of the project.
  • The client company XYZ has the right to modify, change, halt, or cancel the project but they would be imbibed to reimburse the cost till that date.
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