Freelance Video Editing Proposal Letter

A freelance video editing proposal letter is a document, that is prepared either by an individual freelancer, or a freelance company, that offers the services of video editing. This letter is intended to address the potential client, who is looking for, or would be interested in such services. In this letter, the writer explains his offerings and tries to woo the client by stating the associated benefits of hiring the services.

Usually, a comprehensive proposal is prepared for the client, but this letter still holds its importance, because:

  • It provides a summary of the main proposal.
  • It saves time, as by reading this letter, the client would know if he was interested in going through the proposal. In case he is not impressed, it saves the time of the client organization as well as the freelancer.
  • It serves the purpose of a communication and marketing tool, through which the writer can explain, and convince the client to hire him.

When a freelance video editing proposal letter is drafted, the text is written carefully as per the freelancer’s and client’s requirements and needs.

  • Information about the potential client.
  • Information about the freelancer or freelance company.
  • Experience and expertise.
  • Offered services.
  • Benefits of hiring freelancing services.
  • Costs
  • Mention attached documents and videos.
  • Seek a positive response.

When a client receives this letter, he might deem the associated benefits of hiring a freelancer, as the contractual obligations would be for a limited time only. Every time he needs the services, he can approach the freelancer, and get the work done, rather than signing a contract, which makes him obligated for many things.

In addition, the client does have to worry about providing the space, electricity, etc., and can get the final product delivered, with limited botheration in the usual routine work. If the client believes in all these advantages, he will accept the proposal of the freelancer. In the opposite scenario, he would simply reject the proposal.

Sample Letter

Dear Mr. David,

This letter is being drafted to offer our freelance video editing services to ABC Limited.

XYZ is a small company, having five well-educated and well-trained video editors. We all have completed our education in the fields of video editing. We have been working in the industry for more than five years and have handled many freelance projects for various companies.

We are attaching the general details of our experience with this letter. We are also sending a CD with this letter, containing a few small videos, that we have edited, for you to analyze the quality of our work.

As your company deals with the type of products for which you often need video editing services, hiring us would offer you many benefits. You do not have to sign a contract with us for years, the deal can be project-based, and hence the short term, which means that you will have limited obligations toward us.

In addition, you do not have to provide us space, utilities, etc., as we will be operating from our premises, and will be delivering you the final product.

We believe in perfection, yet at a reasonable rate. Although the charges vary as per the project requirements, generally, the rate is $[AMOUNT] per 3 minutes. The detailed proposal is attached.

Looking forward to your positive reply. We will be glad to serve you.


Freelance Video Editing Proposal Letter