Fundraising Proposal Template

In every society helping the poor and needy people is considered to be necessary. Many actions are taken on the state level and locally for work for less privileged people. There are a number of such organizations that work for a good cause. Some organizations run on funds. These funds are provided by the affluent people of the society who have money to spend on poor people. All they need is a little encouragement to help such an organization to work for society.

What is a fundraising proposal?

Fundraising proposals are usually used by non-profit organizations when they want others to contribute to the welfare of society by funding. The main purpose of this proposal is to encourage others to participate in the act of fundraising for a good cause.

The use of a fundraising proposal is considered a good activity because it motivates others and helping the non-profit organizations in collecting money for church, hospital, school, etc.


As a matter of fact, it is easier to write a fundraising proposal than any other type of proposal as it requires little or no expertise. All you need to do is writing in a sincere way by explaining that you have a genuine purpose to ask for funds that will enable your proposal to be accepted.

Tips to write the fundraising proposal:

It is important to write an attractive fundraising proposal. Few tips to write the proposal are:

  1. Explain well in the proposal that you need funds for a purpose. Also, write the purpose in a brief way. Make sure that your proposal is to the point and written professionally.
  2. Writing about the fundraising cause may not be encouraging enough for the recipient of the proposal. You should also expand your proposal by giving some more relevant details in the proposal such as the information about the background of the non-profit organization because many people doubt the authenticity of such organizations.
  3. Provide information about fundraising. This is the most important detail of the proposal as the recipient should know where to send the money and how. Give your contact information in the proposal to let the recipient know where to contact for any type of assistance.
  4. The proposal should be realistic and based on true facts. For example, if you are raising funds for a school, you can tell how children in your country are not able to get an education because of not being able to pay the school fee. In this way, you can introduce the recipient to the problems of society and ask them to be a helping hand in getting rid of those problems.

Fundraising proposal template:

In order to get a readymade and professionally designed fundraising proposal, download the template. The template has a number of features that make it extremely useful. The user can simply download the template, fill in the details and send it to the intended people after the required modification.

Sample Template

Prepared For:
[Name of Company ABC]

Prepared By:
[Name of Company XYZ]

Date: [mm/dd/YYYY]

Cover Letter

[Name of Recipient]
[Name of Company ABC]
[Company ABC Address]


Dear [Name of Recipient]


My name is (Company XYZ Representative Name) and I work with (Name of Company XYZ). (Details of the organization and what they do) We are a non-profit organization that has been working on helping people living in poverty.

One of the biggest problems for people today is education. Due to the fees demands, a lot of people end up dropping out of college or university. The aim of this organization is to help provide resources that will allow the people of our community to gain a better education and provide some sort of assistance in their lives.

In order for this to happen, the organization is organizing fundraising schemes. We would like to invite [Company ABC] to sponsor our event and also take part in our activities.

You will find a schedule of the event attached to this letter. If you have any questions, please email us at [Email].

Our Company

[History and goals of Organization]. [Company XYZ] was founded in [Year]. When it was first formed, the founder(s) [Name of Founder(s)], had been working to raise funds for a soup kitchen. After successfully raising funds for it, the organization started gaining a positive response from the communities.

From then onwards the organization started taking part in different events. In the next three years, the organization had developed proper departments and teams that took care of different aspects of the organization.

Nowadays, we have separate teams who have been allocated different projects. For example, Team A has worked on raising funds for orphanages, while Team B has helped raise funds for entrepreneurs starting their own businesses.

[Describe goals of the organization in detail].

Statement of Need

[Discuss the need for the project]. Due to the high fees of educational institutions, many students decide to not take part in further studies and end up working bare minimum jobs. This is especially the case where the students act as one of the working figures in their family who need support.

Furthermore, students that somehow are able to pay for further education end up working part-time to make up for other aspects of their lives, such as dormitory fees, purchasing educational resources, etc.

Project Goals

[Discuss, in detail, the expected outcomes of the project]. The aim of this project is to provide assistance to those who seek further studies for a better future. With a degree, people have a better chance of securing jobs and a healthy lifestyle.

Project Activities

The event is to place on the course of 3 days, starting [Date] and ending on [Date]. There have been different activities planned that will help the attendees interact with our organization’s representatives. There will be a detailed briefing on the first day. After the briefing, the participants and sponsors will be provided with stalls to promote their products and also raise funds.

The table below provides a detailed schedule that will be carried on each day.

Allocation of Funds

[Describe how the raised funds will be used] As the aim of this event is to raise funds for financial assistance, we will be providing the listed colleges and universities with certain amounts of the raised funds. The institutions will further notify students of the opportunity of gaining financial assistance.

The students applying for financial assistance will then be asked to submit specific documents that will help identify which students are in more need of financial assistance.

Furthermore, some funds are also being allocated to schools so that younger students in need can also be provided with assistance in school fees.


In order to discuss this proposal in further detail, please contact us on our email, [Email].


Fundraising proposal template

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