Funding Proposal by NGO

What is a funding proposal?

A funding proposal is generally written by non-profit organizations to affluent people or well-developed organizations to request them to fund the organization which is working for a good cause.

The organizations that work for society often need funds to operate smoothly. Such organizations often have to write a funding proposal. The proposal should be written in a compelling way so that it can communicate with the concerned people perfectly.

How to write a good funding proposal?

As a matter of fact, most of the community organizations’ operation completely depends on the donation they receive from donors. The organization that wants to apply for the funds should be able to write an affecting funding proposal. This proposal is completely based on the strategic plans of the organization. Three things you should consider while writing the proposal are:

  1. The objective of the proposal should be written clearly so that the reader takes no time in understanding your purpose in writing the funding proposal.
  2. Tell the reader what you want to do with the funds received and how you will work for a good cause with the help of those funds
  3. Write about the activities that you will be performing

A funding proposal is considered the biggest source of communication between the organization and the fund awarding authority. The proposal should be written in a professional way that can be read quickly

What are the components of the funding proposal?

Although the components of the funding proposal vary from organization to organization, there are some components that are common to every proposal written for funding. These components are:

  1. Cover page
  2. Summary
  3. Overview of the organization
  4. Details about supporting document

Cover page:

A cover page is a first page that contains the introductory details about the proposal such as the name of the organization requesting funding, the name of the person writing the proposal, the name of the recipient of the proposal, and lots of other details.


The summary is basically the most important part of the proposal that is intended to grab the attention of the reader. This is the part of the proposal in which the essence of the plan is captured. The main focus of the summary should be on the objectives of the proposal. It should not discuss the other parts of the proposal.

Overview of the organization:

In this section of the proposal, the complete profile of the organization requesting the funds is written. The background of the organization, the goals, and objectives, and lots of other things are explained in this section that gives a reader a clear idea about the organization and its purpose in requesting funds.

Supporting documents:

In order to support your claims in the proposal, make sure that you provide the reader with the documents which are in favor of what you claim. These documents may include your publications, brochures published by the organization, tax-related documents, and a lot more.

Sample funding proposal template 

Project Summary

Project Title: Raising awareness about Women’s rights and health issues
Project Duration: August 20XX-May 20XX
Total Budget: $265,000
Target Group: Young Girls and Women

Organization Introduction

XYZ is an organization working for the rights and empowerment of women across the globe. Our vision is a world where power and resources are shared in a way that enables everybody to thrive and flourish with dignity, love, and respect. We aim to push our feminist agenda through our work with social activists, funding bodies, and policymakers, regionally and globally.

Problem Statement

Around the world, women and girls are facing a direct threat to their safety, health, and economic rights. Over 130 million girls don’t go to school because of gender bias, social conflicts, economic pressures, and early marriages. We want to support young girls and women around the globe; promote gender equality and empower women so they can fight against poverty, hunger, and disease.

Project Goal

XYZ believes in the power of women to change their own lives and create their own future. Our NGO educates women and young girls so they can be a positive change in their community. We want to ensure they are respected at workplaces and their voices are heard, for this, we organize awareness programs; we offer education, health support services, and teach ways to prevent diseases. We aim to raise awareness about women’s health issues and their right to their own bodies.

Activities for generating Funds

The activities which can be arranged to help raise money are

  • Hosting Events: Funds can be generated by hosting events such as concerts, food festivals, funfairs, and talent shows.
  • Auction: Raising funds can also be achieved by holding auctions.

Action Plan

As soon as the funds are arranged, our groups of volunteers will go to countries in Africa and Asia. We plan on going to 6 countries. Once settled, we set up the camps and run the following programs:

  • Service Centers: Set up service centers so that people requiring help can reach us at any time.
  • Medical Camps: Set up free medical camps for the people of the community. Free physical examinations will be carried out, along with free blood pressure, blood sugar, and ECG tests. Arranged Gynecologist, Pediatrics, Eye Specialist, Psychiatrist, and Therapists will also provide their services.
  • Feminist Counselling training:  Organize training on Feminist Counselling.  Improve abilities in dealing with issues related to females.
  • Awareness programs: Organize awareness programs on Harassment; how to prevent, prohibit and deal with such situations. Also addressing discrimination and violence against women in both public and domestic spaces.
  • Interactive Sessions: Sessions on dealing with domestic violence and providing legal remedies. Also working with the police so people, especially women, can reach out to them fearlessly.

Expected Outcome

  • Ability, for women, to enjoy their rights
  • To develop self-confidence and self-esteem
  • To know about their bodies and prevent diseases
  • To be able to make their own decisions
  • Self-reliance      

Time Frame

Start of the project August 20′
Phase 1: Training September 20′
Phase 2: Visit Africa October 20′
Phase 3: Visit South Asia January 20′
Phase 4: Visit Middle East March 20′
End of the project May 20′



A minimum of $250,000 is needed to carry out this program for serving people and giving them a better life.

The budget outline below shows all expenditures involved in carrying out the project.

Training $10,000
Training material $15,000
Venue Arrangements $90,000
Travel $50,000
Accommodation & Food $60,000
Miscellaneous Expenses $10,000


Monitoring & Evaluation

A weekly report will be issued on our website. Also, an email will be sent to all the funding bodies so they are aware of all the happenings. A financial summary of the income and expenses will be available for reference. Surveys will also be conducted to evaluate the outcome of the program.

Your commitment is important to strengthen and support global funds for women’s rights.


Nancy Mathews
New York City, NY


Funding proposal by NGO

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