Funeral Home Setup Proposal Template

Sugar land
50 km from Houston, Texas
Texas, America
Max Shepherd
Senator of state Texas
House # 58, Street # 9, Block A, Houston
Date: 28 February 20XX

It is stated that I am a respectful citizen of sugar land which is only hours away from Houston.  I am writing this letter to tell you about the absence of a funeral home in sugar land. Due to its absence, we have to take out dead bodies to other places which are not only costly but also tiring as we have to leave our home and perform the last rites of our loved ones far away from staying in hotels. It is difficult to visit their grave occasionally which wouldn’t have been difficult if their last rites were performed in our own area.

As we have to go to other funeral homes, we are charged more than locals as we cannot go anywhere else with the dead body. Not only commute, but funeral homes are also very expensive. I wish if you would consider setting up a funeral home in our area as it is a good business. People die each day and their last rites are important to perform, so funeral homes never go out of business. You can earn profit whereas, we will have a funeral home in our area and would not move to other areas and disrespect our deceased.

I have attached a business proposal for the funeral home along with my letter for your consideration. Please give it a read and contact me if you need further information about our area.


Eric Dane
House # 24, Street # 3, Sugar land.
Contact: +1[X]


Death is an inevitable reality in one’s life that can never be denied. It is not absurd to prepare for your funeral as it will approach one day. Many people buy insurances that will cover their funeral after their death whereas, many people mention all their funeral requirements in their will. Family members of the deceased make sure that each wish of the deceased is fulfilled. There are people who will spend thousands on funerals, these people are our target market. It is not difficult to stay in such business without work as many people die each day. Some may be poor but others are rich and will require a luxurious goodbye from the world, although they cannot even enjoy it.

Therefore, the funeral home setup is a very good business plan. If you are doubtful about moving forward, you can look up other funeral homes in cities and talk to them about business. Otherwise, I have mentioned all the costs and requirements of the funeral home in my proposal. Feel free to contact me if you want to know anything further about this business plan.

Business structure

It is very important to build a structure for any business to progress. Each member of the funeral home should be integrated to understand the loss of grieving people and provide comfort. Each member at any rank should know their responsibilities and work in a manner that business runs smoothly.

The hiring process should be carried out very wisely as funeral homes hire those people who can.

  • Empathize with deceased family.
  • have good customer service skills.
  • Like what they do.
  • Can handle dead bodies.
  • Take part in the preparation of dead bodies.

Following posts should be filled for running a business as a team of professionals will take the business to unique heights.

  • The Chief executive officer manages and recruits’ people, maintain an environment that provides information and opinions.
  • The Funeral home director collects legal documents for a death certificate or burial permits. He also schedules dates and times of funerals.
  • Morticians take care of all the necessities related to a deceased such as embalming dead bodies, putting them in a casket, transportation to church, and other such duties.
  • Admin manager is responsible for the smooth running of administrative tasks of the organization.
  • Accountants are responsible for preparing financial reports, budgets, and financial statements for the organization.
  • The marketing officer identifies and reaches out to potential partners and business opportunities.
  • Security officers always ensure the safety of the facility.
  • Laborer transport the deceased from the funeral home to the mortuary and then either to the graveyard or cremation ground.


  • Equipment for cremation
  • Equipment for embalming
  • Cremation table
  • Cremation system
  • Refrigerated storage
  • Hydraulic lifts
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Caskets
  • Makeup
  • Urns
  • Clothing
  • Laborer
  • Operating space
  • Mausoleum
  • Parking lot
  • Insurance
  • High-speed Wi-Fi


The cost of every piece of equipment used for embalming or cremation is very high and embalming machines, hydraulic lifts do not work forever. Along with regular maintenance, this equipment wore out in a year and are needed to be replaced.

Other than equipment and clothing, salaries of staff will also be included in per month cost also including the rent of the building.

Embalming machine.      $3000

Clothing & accessories.  $8000

Rent.                               $700

Utilities.                             $200

Manager.                         $2000

Marketing.                        $500

Receptionist.                     $500

Labor.                                $100

These costs may change due to different circumstances and more hands and equipment could be required. So budgeting is a very crucial step in this business.


The target of funeral homes would be high-end customers, as they can spend dollars on the funeral of their loved ones. The funeral of 1 person may be charged $8000-$10000.

Services provided to the deceased include embalming, viewing, clothing, makeup, transportation charges, and other expenses of burials or cremation.

Sugar land may be a small village but most of the people living here are businessmen as they are associated with agriculture and sell their products in major cities as well as other states.

Male members of many families are working in multinational companies of big cities to earn and send money home so, money is not an issue for the inhabitants of sugar land.

Other high-end customers include.

  • Insurance companies
  • Corporate executives
  • Government officials
  • Celebrities
  • Sport man and women
  • Military men and women

If people have money, they can move miles to achieve what they desire. You can construct a funeral home that attracts masses to have their funeral at your home.

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