Gardening Proposal Template

If you have a lawn, you will want it to look beautiful. You may not have time for a garden and make it look amazing. You can get the help of a gardening company to make your lawn be clean and wonderful.

What is a Gardening Proposal?

A gardening proposal is a proposal that a gardening or landscaping company gives to the person interested in their services. This aims to tell what the company can do for the person concerning their garden.

What to Include in the Proposal?

If you need to create a gardening proposal, then you can consider the below points:

  • Microsoft Word: This is a professional document, so it is better if you make it in Microsoft Word. Here you can type it out.
  • Heading: Give the heading for the proposal. Something like “Gardening Proposal.”
  • Created by: Tell who the proposal is created by. Include the sender’s first name, last name, and company.
  • Prepared for: This will state the client’s name and company.
  • Cover letter: You can then create a cover letter. This will start off with “Dear” and then the client’s first name. In this, you will thank the client for selecting your company. Tell them about your company being certified and insured. Inform the client about what you specialize in gardening. The prices can be stated. Discuss how you pursue projects. End with “Thank you” and then the sender’s company name and signature. You can add contact details like email and phone number.

Advantages of a Gardening Proposal:

  • Tells clients what to expect from your company.

A gardening proposal is a professional document that must encourage the client to want to use your service.

Sample Gardening Proposal Template

Prepared For

Jackson Roberts

Prepared by

Nathen Howard
Of [XYZ]

January 10th, 20XX

Dear Mr. [X],

Thank you for having yesterday’s meeting with us. We are looking forward to designing your Restaurant Garden. We have been in this business for decades and have installed beautiful gardens and landscapes for our customers. We are providing you a proposal for your Garden needs.


Nathen Howard

Executive Summary

The total property size for gardening and landscaping is around 2 Acres. Our team will design and install a beautiful Kitchen Garden for your ABC Restaurant that will utilize the maximum space to produce maximum food. Restaurant Kitchen Gardens are becoming very popular these days. It is essential to know the quality and health of ingredients that are being used while preparing the food.

Our priority is that raw food must be free of harmful preservatives and pesticides. We grow organic and all-natural food. Because of this garden, your restaurant will have a decent supply of fruits and vegetables and it will help you to have a backward integration of raw food materials.


XYZ is a Garden and Landscape designing company established in 1990. We create customized and personalized gardens for our customers. Our team consists of extremely talented gardeners and designers who have been associated with us for years. We work hard to provide our customers with low maintenance and practical gardens so it is easy for them to take care of afterward. Some of our famous works include San Diego’s Common Garden, XYZ Park, Hotel XYZ landscape, and XYZ Rocks and Hills Garden.


We provide the following services for commercial as well as residential gardens.

  • Site analysis
  • Plant scheming
  • Soil profile
  • Mapping
  • Gate Valves
  • Pruning
  • Weed control
  • Drainage
  • Fencing

Project Phases

Site Visiting

Initially, our consultants will visit the garden property area and have a thorough look at the place.


Our designers will illustrate different themes and garden styles accordingly. They will provide the layouts showing all the main features of the garden along with their measurements and dimensions. The details of all the fruits and vegetable plantations and landscaping will be shown in the design illustrations.

Report Submission and Design Finalization

Our committee will submit a detailed report about the garden designing project, including the site analysis, required materials, final design layout, and the final quotation. Our committee will get all the approvals required to start the project.

Garden Installation

The next step will be to prepare the land for growing the vegetables, fruits, and herbs. This will require digging and several inches of organic material worked into the soil to improve its texture and balance. We will install the suitable land drains and ACO drainage systems, where required.

Lighting Design

We will install garden lighting to brighten up the garden area and walkways.


Our company will provide routine tree and plant maintenance. We will create a schedule to oversee the restaurant garden. As time passes, the garden grows and changes and so do its needs. We will make sure that all these needs are fully filled and the garden remains as close to the committed design as possible. A bi-annual report will also be submitted to the restaurant authorities.


The initial cost of this gardening project will be around $6,500. Following are the details:

Items Details Costs
Designing Designing the garden layout $1,000
Preparing Garden Buying composts, plantation, spreading soil, etc. $2,000
Landscaping Adding features $2,000
Plants Buying seeds and transporting plants $1,500
On-going maintenance Fertilizing, weeding, planting, etc. $3000/Year


Worker’s Compensation

Our company shall provide and maintain worker’s compensation insurance in accordance with California laws. The minimum limit of liability coverage will be $500,000/- covering our employees engaged in any work related to Gardening.

Commercial General Liability

During the contract term, comprehensive general liability insurance will be provided and maintained. This insurance will protect our company from claims for accidental death, injury, or property damages that may arise during the course of the gardening project.


  • Our grounds maintenance workers are certified by the Tree Care Industry Association.
  • Our company is registered with the Bureau of Consumer Protection and we will maintain this registration throughout the project.
  • We will submit a periodic progress report and an annual affirmative action plan to ABC Restaurant.



Gardening Proposal

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