Home Remodeling and Renovation Proposal

Who does not like change? Everyone loves diversity and upgradation in every field whether it’s your job, studies, eating habits, or even your surroundings that include your living place. The place which you call home is made with all the comforts and luxuries that you feel necessary for your relaxation and well-being.

People who want their place of living to be a fancy and pleasing one always prefer hiring interior decorators for the placement of materials like furniture, its placement at the right location that suits the other stuff included in the room.

Designers and architects are hired for refashioning and revamping purposes as they are ones with the aesthetic sense of incorporating change with the trends of the market. Restoring your existing place to a good state is basically renovation and carrying out construction and demolishing a whole building and then turning it into a new one from the scratch is remodeling.


Improvements are being inculcated to make the current building a modified one. Some important steps are necessary when you decide to refurbish your home. You set your priorities in terms of deciding which stuff to change or not or which stuff is replaceable or can be changed easily. Then you draw a budget for the new material to be purchased for the makeover of your house.

A contractor is hired for the facelift of your abode and then you move towards the step of securing your permits in terms of having the house allotment letter that defines your ownership. Your insurance agent may also be required to be involved in this process. An outdated structure is brought back to life through renovation. Usually, it is considered cheap to purchase a new home rather than rebuilding the old one and making a long expenditure list on installations and additions to the obsolete construction.

Electrical work that involves plumbing, flooring, ducts installations, Structural carpentry, water, and sanitary issues, roof structure, windows, and doors design, floors capacity, these parameters should be kept into consideration before the painting and decorations of the new building.

Brilliant home remodeling projects are out there, and you are already done with the budgeting, planning, and designing and your proposal are full of creative details with all the necessary requirements but the thing that might catch the eye is the good-looking cover page of your dream home proposal, as a cherry on the top.

Nailing your arguments with the right document as well as the one that stands among the crowd is the key to your accomplishments especially when it comes to the work done for your belongings by the outside sources. These days companies are aware of the aesthetic sense of their clients and their judgment criteria lie in evaluating the presentation of your requirements.

Sample Template

About Us

The [Company Name] was started in the early [Year] and was initially run by two college friends, fresh out of college with interior design degrees. They started working on renovating close friends’ and relative’s home spaces and posted pictures on social media.

Through the internet, the friends work started gaining recognition and requests for assistance in renovating an individual’s personal spaces. Slowly the working on weekends for extra cash turned into a full-time business and thus [Company Name] was established.

Our Team

Once [Company Name] started hiring employees to help business operations, fresh and diverse ideas started flowing in. The business flourished, and soon the business started expanding into the remodeling of spaces. Architects and engineers from well-known colleges were hired and now [Name of Company] is able to provide their clients with a team of professional remodelers and renovators.

Project Description

The proposal outlines the project details of remodeling on [Name of Street] street. The remodeling includes:

  • Renovation of the kitchen for more storage and counter space. Addition of a kitchen island in the kitchen
  • Remodeling the living space, main entrance, and corridor into an open-space plan to provide a more spacious outlook
  • Addition of wall-length windows and sliding doors to the living room wall that overlooks the patio
  • Remodeling of Patio


[Fee Summary]

Consultation = Free

Labour = $[Amount]

Material = $[Amount]

Equipment = $[Amount]

Subcontractors = $[Amount]

Total = $[Amount]

Time Period

The project will take place in 3 phases.

Project 1:

During this phase, the kitchen will be dealt with first. [Description of how the remodeling will take place].

Project 2:

The wall separating the main entrance and corridor with the living room will be taken down. Them the flooring will be changed according to the discussions with the client. [Description of how the rest of the remodeling will take place for the living room].

Project 3:

To remodel the patio, [Description of how the patio will be remodeled]. All the projects are expected to take place simultaneously. The final completion date is expected to be: xx-xx-xx


[Pictures of previous works]. The living and kitchen area of this modern house was renovated into a more open-space plan. The current house plan allows more space for entertainment purposes. Furthermore, the extended area provides more room for added storage, which presents a neater outlook on the entire floor.

You can browse through more of our work by viewing our portfolio on our website [www.xxxx.com].

Terms and Conditions

After thoroughly discussing the details of the project, we provide our clients with a detailed building/remodeling plan. The clients are also provided with a time period during which they are advised to recheck the details. This time period allows us to rectify any issues in the contract before the official contract is created and signed.

Furthermore, the details of this contract supersede any other verbal or written discussions. Building materials and equipment may vary from the discussed methods. However, they will, at an all-time meet the building codes.

The proposal does not include the following factors:

  • Fees of architect and design plans
  • Insurance compensation for workers in case any uninsured contractors are hired by the customer
  • Utilities such as water, gas, and electricity
  • Equipment

Once the official contract has been signed, the clients will be charged extra fees to make any changes to the contract.

[Company Name] provides a warranty of [Number] years. During this time, the client is allowed to makes claim for any defects in the work done by the [Company Name]. The company is obliged to fix them, free of cost.


To make the contract official, please provide us with your details below. Once the contract has been signed, [Name of Service Provider] will provide a detailed schedule of the dates and how the project will be initiated. For any questions, please contact the project manager and representative of [Name of Service Provider].

[Name of Service Provider]:

Representative: [Name], [Job Title]

[Company Details: Address, Phone Number]



[Name of Client Company]:
Representative: [Name], [Job Title]
[Company Details: Address, Phone Number]



Home Remodeling and Renovation Proposal

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