Hotel Event Venue Proposal

When it comes to writing a proposal for an event venue, the event planners are required to put a lot of efforts to write a winning proposal. The person you are writing this proposal needs the event planner to be a skilled person who is capable of wearing many hats at a time.

With the increase in the needs of face to face meetings, we can see a rising demand for space for hotel venue. If you want to ensure a winning partnership, you are required to write a winning hotel event venue proposal.

Tips for creating a hotel event venue proposal:

  1. It is the desire of every event planner to create the proposal in such a way that it can get a response from the clients. Before you contact the hotel management for the venue, try to know about the event for which you are writing the proposal. If you are able to collect the information about the venue successfully, you can tailor your proposal more precisely
  2. Tell the clients that how much accepting your proposal will cost them. For this, contact the hotel first and try to know the cost of the venue before mentioning it in the proposal
  3. Keep the proposal brief and to the point. Never add unnecessary details to the proposal that make it completely irrelevant and boring for the reader to read

What should be included in the proposal?

In order to make a professional looking winning proposal, you are required to add the following details:

  1. Details of an event such as time and date
  2. Describe other details related to the event that your venue needs to know about before the event is set up
  3. Mention the type of event you are going to conduct. The venue should be able to know if you are going to conduct the conference, a wedding event or a birthday party. The venue and arranged and organized according to the type of event
  4. Number of people which are expected to come to the event
  5. Type of meal you are planning to have in the event

Sample Proposal Template

For:     Laurel Foreman

34222 Washington Ave.

By:       Mark Jobs

ABC Hotels
Senior Manager
Los Angeles, CA 21620

May 5th, 2019

Dear Ms. Foreman,

Thank you for your interest in ABC hotels. After yesterday’s meeting, I have put together this proposal for the venue for your upcoming seminar. We are excited to be a part of this event and we will make sure that your seminar is a great success. Please have a look at the proposal and let me know if you have any questions. If you wish to add something to it, let us know. We will send you the signing contract, once we have reached an agreement.

Thank you,

Mark Jobs

Proposal for Ms. Foreman’s Seminar Venue


We understand that every seminar has a purpose. A lot goes into ensuring a successful seminar, from choosing the space to deciding the menu and looking into each and every detail so the event is a huge success. We, at ABC Hotels, offer you an unforgettable experience that will make you and your guests feel more connected and inspired at the end of the event.


ABC Hotels is an international chain of over 200 Hotels across 20 countries. Our hotels are equipped with all the amenities and necessities a person can imagine. Our Los Angeles branch has indoor and outdoor Pools and Fitness rooms available to keep you on track and having fun during work. Formal and Casual dining options are available along with events and meeting facilities. Our staff pays close attention to all the little details to deliver beyond expectations.

Features & Amenities

We offer the following services to make our guest’s experience welcoming and comforting.

We offer free WIFI facility for our guests. Also, we have the latest technical equipment such as projectors, audiovisuals, microphones, speakers, and LCDs.

We also provide basic stationery for the seminar, such as notebooks, pens, and notepads.

Open space of around 1500 square feet is available at our hotel.

Seating capacity: 200 reception and dining seats.


ABC has 3 halls available for all types of events that can be tailored according to your needs.

  • Alpha Hall

Seating capacity: up to 50 people

  • Business Hall

Seating capacity: Up to 60 people

  • Charlie Hall

Seating capacity: Up to 80 people

Seating Arrangements

The following seating arrangements can be made in any of the above-mentioned halls, according to your requirement.

U-shaped: In this style of seating, the tables will be joined lengthwise to form a U shape. The attendees will be seated on the outer side of the U. This style is ideal for group discussions.

Boardroom style: Chairs will be set in rows facing the stage. This style allows for the most seating in the hall. There will be an aisle down the middle of the hall for easy access to the stage.

Round tables: This style consists of 8 people sitting on each round table. The number of tables varies in each hall.


We offer our guests an exceptional dining experience in our restaurants. Our customizable gourmet menus are prepared by International chefs. ABC Hotels is a perfect venue for private dining for groups of 15 up to 60 people. You can choose between our set-menus and customizable menus. We offer the following serving styles:

Food serving styles

  • Buffet
  • Fixed Menu
  • Lunch Boxes
  • Snacks


The safety and security of our guests is our top priority. We review our security procedures and risk management on a regular basis.

Security cameras are installed in most areas and are constantly being monitored by our security staff.

We have qualified first aiders for any type of medical emergency.

Fire alarms are installed throughout the premises of the hotel.


ABC offers up to 200 vehicles on-site parking facility. It is free for guests attending the event. The parking services include

  • On-site parking
  • Indoor Parking garage
  • Disabled parking
  • Free Valet Service

We provide a shuttle service to and from the Airport. Moreover, we provide taxi and Limousine services.


Service Description Note Cost
Seating Styles U-Shaped In any Hall $100/Day
Boardroom In any Hall $200/Day
Roundtable In any Hall $300/Day
Catering Buffet A variety of food at a fixed price $200/Head
  Lunch Box Pre-prepared lunch boxes $150/Head
  Others Select options from the menu Variable
Drinks   Unlimited availability of soft drinks $50/Head
Renting other Equipment For use within the Hotel premises  Microphone, Speakers, Projector




Hall Rental Fee

Hall Type Meeting packages Rent Security deposits
Alpha Hall All day $500 $500
Half day $300
Business Hall All day $600 $500
Half day $400
Charlie Hall All day $700 $600
Half day $500


Terms & Conditions

Full payment should be made 2 days before the event.

The security deposit should also be made, which will be refunded, provided there is no loss or damage to the property.

Contact Us

You can contact us with any of the following ways:

Phone: 131-5543333

E-mail: [Email]

Fax: 451 44444

Website: [Website]


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