iOS Mobile App Proposal

if you are looking for an app developer for the iOS platform, it is recommended you prepare an iOS mobile app proposal in a comprehensive way. This proposal should cover the details of the app you want to design. In order to write an effective proposal, the vendor of the mobile app is required:

  1. The goals of the company in terms of iOS app
  2. The potential outcomes of the app the vendors want to develop
  3. Details of the feature of the iOS app

How to write a proposal?

  • Provide your company’s details:

In this section of the proposal, a complete overview of the company should be given. When your client receives the proposal, the first thing he is most interested in is the company that is sending the proposal. The client wants to get a review of the company before he decides to render the services. The basic details a client wants to know are:

  • The type of products the company provides
  • Details of the leadership of the company
  • The potential of the company to solve the problem

Details of the project:

This section is important because it enables the client to know how well you have understood the needs of the client and what steps you can take to ensure that you can provide the solution to the potential problems.


Features of the iOS app:

The functionality of the iOS app should be described in the proposal. The odds are that the client will accept the proposal if you are capable of providing better features in the software.

iOS mobile app proposal template:

All those people who want to save themselves from drafting the proposal from scratch can use the template. Most of the app developers don’t know about the layout and the format of the proposal because their main focus is on the app. If you are working alone and you don’t have anyone to assist you in writing the winning proposal, you can download this template in the desired format. The template is available in MS Word, PDF, and other formats.

Sample Proposal Template

Jane Ford
Web & Mobile App Development Company
New York City, NY

William Smith
ABC Company
Chicago, Illinois

Dear Mr. Smith,

We would like to thank you for your time yesterday and for sharing with us your requirements for the Mobile Application you are interested in. Our highly creative and professional team brings a refreshing newness to the projects and fulfills our client requests brilliantly by providing end-to-end custom software application development services on Mobiles, Tablets, and Web. We have put together a proposal for your approval. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you,

Jane Ford

Proposal for Keto Lifestyle iOS Mobile App


XYZ is a leading company in developing mobile applications for iOS. We comprise an established team of the best mobile app developers and IT professionals. We guarantee top-rated and best Apps. Some of our popular apps include Smart Travel, AAA Mobile Banking, B Diet, and many more. We focus on integrating technology with human intelligence to come up with projects that make life easy and enjoyable.

Our team has had iOS expertise since 2010. They have a deep insight into how to develop and deploy iOS products. They will provide you a consultation session so that they can assess your needs completely and thoroughly.


Our company offers the following services

  • Mobile Application Development
  • UI designing and Multimedia
  • Web and Media interaction
  • Web-based Solutions
  • Blockchain Development

We deal in the following sectors

  • Retail
  • Banking
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunication

Executive Summary

ABC requires a Mobile App that not only gives a Ketosis diet plan but defines a healthy lifestyle in a unique and dynamic way. The app should provide useful tools and information about ketosis; how to achieve it and maintain it through meals, exercises, and interactive simulations. Our company will allow ABC to edit and manage the App. We excel in developing iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iWatch apps with dynamic layouts and the latest programming languages and we work together with our clients to produce fascinating apps that provide lasting impressions and excitement.

App Description

This Keto Fitness App will help the users live a healthy lifestyle. It will remind body goals and generate prompt messages to follow through. There will be tools added in the App such as a meal calorie calculator, video-based meal preparations, workout sessions, healing music, and scheduled water drinking notifications.

The layout will be clean and mess-free. The user won’t require special equipment or environment to work out. They will be able to invite friends to participate in these activities with them and will be able to share each other’s data.

The music available with the App for workouts will match with the user’s tempo and they will be able to plug the beats into the App, per minute, to match their own speed. A playlist will be available for them to choose from.

End-User Cost

The majority of the tools in the App will be free. If premium content needs to be accessed, the user would have to make a payment of $2/month.

Technical Solutions

We will use the Rational Unified Process, so the development of parts of the project can be done in parallel. Following are the technologies proposed for the development:


We will use a JavaScript-based stack for the backend implementation.

Mobile App

The iOS Keto Lifestyle Mobile App will run on all Apple devices with iOS 8.0 or higher.

Play Mode

The App will run on Landscape Mode across all Apple devices such as Mobiles, iPads, etc.

QR codes

Our team will create a QR code for the App so that the users will be able to load it on their devices easily.


Our team will complete this project in approximately 10-12 weeks.

Phase 1: Architectural structure and model of the application.

Time: 1 week

Phase 2: Designing

Time: 2-3 weeks

Phase 3: Coding for Apple Devices

Time: 3-4 weeks

Phase 4: Backend programming

Time: 1 week

Phase 5: Testing and Quality Assurance

Time: 1 week

Phase 6: Deployment

Time: 1 week


The cost details are provided below:

Name Cost After-Tax (7%)
Modeling and planning $2,000 $2,140
Designing $5,000 $5,350
Development $15,000 $16,050
Deployment $5,000 $5,350
Total $28,890


Support and Maintenance

XYZ will provide all the technical support for the Keto Lifestyle App.

  • We will periodically upgrade and update the app software.
  • Our team will assist in phone-based support for the next 3 months after the deployment of the App.
  • Email-based technical service will be provided for the next 5 years.
  • There will be a 3-month warranty period after the project deliverance.

Terms and Conditions

  • 50% of the total payment shall be made upon acceptance of the project
  • The remaining 50% payment shall be made upon design approval.
  • For requests made beyond the scope of the project, ABC Company shall pay additional charges on an hourly basis for all the required changes.


iOS Mobile App Proposal

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