Italian Restaurant Business Proposal

It is stated that I, Patrick Dempsey, have been a resident of London since my birth. I have been associated with the food inspection department for 20 years. Visiting different restaurants and checking the quality of items is the job description that I carry out with my team in the city of London. My retirement is approaching rapidly, and I wanted to start a business venture of my own that will keep me occupied during my retirement days.

I have always planned on opening a restaurant according to the rules and regulations suggested by the food authority to ensure public health, but I couldn’t find time due to my office job. My retirement is providing me with both time and money to finance this business idea and make it successful. I have decided on the location for my restaurant and have already talked with the owner about renting it. But before any physical sign of my workings, it is important to register my proposal with the XYZ department. I have formulated a complete business plan for my restaurant and attached the following letter. I hope you will consider my proposal and allow me to proceed with this idea.

Eagerly waiting for your response.


Patrick Dempsey

Department of Food Inspection

Contact [X]


Food act as a bearer of peace, harmony, and unity. It is the only thing that makes people forget barriers of countries or boundaries when they have their favorite dishes in front of them. Many people prefer the food habits of other countries due to the unique taste and method of cooking. People are always looking for something new as they get bored easily and want to try a new taste. Chinese, continental, and Italian dishes are preferred everywhere as compared to other dishes. Indian and Pakistani dishes are mostly spicy whereas, Italian and Chinese dishes are less spicy and mostly made without oil.

Italian dishes such as pizza and pasta are liked by every person. Even kids are fond of pizza and macaroni, as they are simple to make. Therefore, an Italian restaurant in our city will do wonders for the lovers of Italian cuisine. I have already contacted an Italian chef to provide original Italian taste in our city.

The location of the Italian restaurant will be an already built Chinese restaurant which is not getting customers due to various reasons. The owner has agreed to rent it to me in the same condition so I would be able to make a few arrangements on the interior and open my restaurant sooner than expected. All the seating arrangement along-with furniture needs to be changed and shaped into the look of an Italian restaurant, but it will not take that much time.


The location of a restaurant plays a key role in its success as the location should be reachable, accommodating, comfortable with parking space to avoid the hassle of parking their conveyance. My restaurant is just 15 minutes drive from London Mall and is surrounded by the shops of artifacts and gifts so foreigners will be able to spot the restaurant. There is no Italian restaurant in that area and this absence can do wonders in my favor.


The goal of every eatery in the world is to make its customers happy so that they would visit again and again,

  • To provide a comfortable, family-oriented environment to all customers.
  • Allow customers to organize parties i.e., farewell, or welcome at the private hall of the restaurant.
  • Provide exceptional customer service to all customers.
  • Create an environment of ease and friendliness for all employees.
  • Present highly authentic, affordable, and high-quality Italian food
  • Maintain a clean, spacious environment at the restaurant.


Establishing a successful business in the field of food is a long and tiring task as each detail requires time and money. Short but complete steps of objectives are useful in completing tasks on time,

  • Renovation of the entire place especially the interior.
  • Adding the touch of Italian culture to make it more relatable.
  • Hiring managers, servers, cooks, and other staff to share the workload.
  • Purchasing crockery, machinery, and other essentials for kitchen operations.
  • Buying furniture, paintings, and other decorations.
  • Deciding menu for the restaurant and its printing.
  • Arrangements of a music band for live music.
  • Opening of the restaurant and making customers happy.


Services provided by the restaurant will include,

  • In addition to dine-in, the facility of takeaway and home delivery will also be provided so people can enjoy food in their comfort zone.
  • The restaurant will have a special hall for meetings and give it a very formal and professional look to avoid distractions during meetings. It will result in the influx of corporate customers and increase revenue.
  • An informal hall for birthday parties, welcome and farewell functions, bridal shower, and others. The following can be reserved for customers on demand.
  • The dining area of the restaurant will be capable of hosting 70 customers at a time with excellent service.
  • The major contribution will be made to the society working for unprivileged children from each month’s profit.


Management of the restaurant will be handled by staff as I will only overview the whole process. Management will include,

  • Manager: The manager will make sure that each customer is attended to and is happy. All the customers are seated, and their order has been taken. He will be responsible for hiring people for his team and providing a friendly environment of work.
  • Receptionist: The receptionist will receive customers at the entrance and guide them to vacant space in the restaurant
  • Chef: Italian chef will be the head chef and all other chefs will work under his command. He will be responsible for hiring chefs and making sure that there is food on the customer’s table.
  • Server: The server takes the orders of customers from the kitchen and presents them to customers. They also take special requests or complaints from customers regarding food.


Italian Restaurant Business Proposal

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